CS October Halloween Feature Roundup



CS October Halloween feature roundup

Happy Halloween! To celebrate ComingSoon.net’s favorite holiday of the year, we’ve gathered together all of our Halloween and horror-related interviews, features, polls, exclusives, and horror movie recommendations from the month of October all in one place! You can check out the lists below, and let us know how you plan to celebrate the spooky holiday in the comments!

CS Horror Interviews:

Fantasia: Paul Williams & Ed Pressman on Phantom of the Paradise

Fantasia: Paul Williams & Ed Pressman on Phantom of the Paradise
Exclusive: Paul Feig Talks Universal Monsters for Dark Army!

CS Halloween Features:

CS Exclusive: Hannah Hart’s Halloween Movie + Food Pairings!
CS Exclusive: Tom Atkins’ Halloween Playlist & Exclusive Trick Clip!
ComingSoon’s Halloween Kanopy Horror Movie Playlist
CS Exclusive: Amanda Reyes’ Halloween TV Movie Playlist
Thirteen Quintessential Vincent Price Movies for Halloween
CS Exclusive: Javier Botet’s Five Favorite Roles
Exclusive: Elijah Wood & Daniel Noah’s 5 Dream Horror Movies

CS Halloween Polls:

POLL: The Best Movies That Take Place on Halloween
POLL RESULTS: What is the Best Horror Comedy Ever?

CS Horror Exclusives:

Exclusive Mary Clip: Evil Lies Just Beneath the Surface
Exclusive: See a Clip From the Rediscovered Lost Ending of Phase IV!
Exclusive The Drone Clip Features Remote Control Terror
Exclusive The Shed Photos & Trailer for Frank Sabatella’s Horror Film
Exclusive The Gallows Act II Clip: The Hangman Cometh
CS Unboxed: Halloween Haul With Godzilla & More!

CS October Horror Movie Recommendations:

October 1 – Session 9
October 2 – Bubba Ho-Tep
October 3 – City of the Dead
October 4 – Drag Me to Hell
October 5 – Opera
October 6 – It Follows
October 7 – Chopping Mall
October 8 — The Descent
October 9 — The Vampire Doll
October 10 — Poltergeist
October 11 — Jennifer’s Body
October 12 — Grave Encounters
October 13 — Dolls
October 14 — High Tension
October 15 — The Ranger
October 16 — Sleepy Hollow
October 17 — Paranormal Activity 3
October 18 — The Innkeepers
October 19 — I Saw the Devil
October 20 — 28 Days Later
October 21 — Tower of Evil
October 22 — The Cabin in the Woods
October 23 — Green Room
October 24 — Fright Night
October 25 — Let’s Scare Jessica to Death
October 26 — Dead Silence

October 27 — Chosen Survivors
October 28 — The Loved Ones
October 29 — Cat People
October 30 — The Autopsy of Jane Doe
October 31 — Trick ‘r Treat