October Horror Movie Recommendation: Session 9

October Horror Movie Recommendation: Session 9

Every day for the month of October, Coming Soon is making a new horror movie recommendation for those eager to find a new frightening flick for Halloween. From the creepy goodness of a classy ghost story to a blood-spattered gorefest and everything in between, we’ll have something for every taste of horror. And today’s pick is…..

Session 9

What’s Session 9 about: Inside Danvers State Mental Hospital, a team of men are tasked with removing asbestos and cleaning up this former deranged dungeon. Peter Mullan (Top of the Lake, Ozark) leads the group that also includes David Caruso (CSI: Miami), Josh Lucas, Brendan Sexton III (Russian Doll), and Stephen Gevedon (who co-wrote the screenplay). They spend a week removing debris and cleaning out tunnels, while also uncovering the kind of secrets that should stay buried. Haunted by a former patient, the crew finds themselves isolated and on notice as the past comes crawling back for blood. Brad Anderson directs.

Why Session 9 rules: A financial failure when it was released, Session 9 was ahead of its time. Built on a foundation of tense atmosphere and bone-chilling moments, the film doesn’t waste a frame and manages to keep you on edge throughout.

How scary is Session 9: A cult classic and one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.

Be on the lookout for: You may have seen a gif of David Caruso pointing and saying “F**k you” that floats around the internet, that gem comes from this movie. Keep your eyes open!

Where to watch Session 9: The film is streaming for free only on Starz. Pick up your own copy of the collector’s edition blu-ray by clicking here

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