October Horror Movie Recommendation: Trick ‘r Treat

October Horror Movie Recommendation: Trick ‘r Treat

Every day for the month of October, Coming Soon is making a new horror movie recommendation for those eager to find a new frightening flick for Halloween. From the creepy goodness of a classy ghost story to a blood-spattered gorefest and everything in between, we’ll have something for every taste of horror. And today’s FINAL pick is…

Trick ‘r Treat

What’s Trick ‘r Treat about: Writer/director Michael Dougherty treats us to a spooky collection of interconnected diabolical Halloween tales that will leave you howling with ghoulish delight. The first features a wicked spin on Little Red Riding Hood, featuring Anna Paquin in the titular role; the second revolves around a school teacher with more than one skeleton in his closet; the third involves a group of youngsters exploring a long-forgotten local legend; and the finale finds a Scrooge-like Brian Cox wrestling with the figurative spirit of Halloween. Each story weaves an important lesson about the meaning of All Hallow’s Eve, whilst simultaneously satirizing our celebration of it.

Why Trick ‘r Treat rules: Few films truly capture the essence of Halloween quite like Trick ‘r Treat. From its spooky atmosphere — think John Carpenter-meets-Charlie Brown — to its clever twists and turns, Trick ‘r Treat is perhaps the greatest Halloween film about Halloween ever made. And that’s not hyperbole. Dougherty, who also directed the under-appreciated Christmas-themed and similarly satirical Krampus, clearly digs the demonic holiday; and spends as much time basking in the eerie orange glow radiating from the crudely carved jack-o-lanterns lining the dark neighborhood streets as he does ogling, even over-fetishizing the costumed female form.

And that’s the point.

According to Dougherty, Halloween is both a laughably dark kiddie holiday packed with severed limbs, decomposing man-eating corpses, and haunting, nightmare-inducing tales of death, and an over-sexualized night of fantasy for adults during which an average gym teacher can dress like Pluto and do the nasty with Snow White.

Here is a film that finally gets why people of all ages love Halloween. It truly is a night for the freaks where anything goes, evil begets evil, and nothing matters more than a bag of candy.

How scary is Trick ‘r Treat: Dougherty’s film actually traverses some pretty dark territory without ever losing its sense of fun. In other words, Trick ‘r Treat is horror done right. There are enough haunting images and bizarre, unsettling moments to leave an imprint on even the most hardened horror fans. But it’s also a fun, wild ride filled with delectable twists, acidic humor, and plenty of Halloween … cheer.

Be on the lookout for: Dylan Baker, who steals the show as a deranged teacher with a blood lust. Also, check out Dougherty’s 1996 short film, “Season’s Greetings,” which inspired the film, by clicking here.

Where to watch Trick ‘r Treat: You can actually buy Trick ‘r Treat for around $8.99 this week on Google Play, or you can rent/buy it on Amazon.

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