CS Exclusive: Hannah Hart’s Halloween Movie + Food Pairings!


CS Exclusive: Hannah Hart's Halloween Movie + Food Pairings!

CS Exclusive: Hannah Hart’s Halloween movie + food pairings!

ComingSoon got the opportunity to catch up with acclaimed YouTube chef Hannah Hart to find out her favorite movies to watch come Halloween as well as the perfect food pairing to go with the viewings, with everything from themed mac and cheese to chocolate-dipped pretzels in time for the release of her latest cookbook, My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!: How to Savor and Celebrate the Year, which can be purchased by clicking here!

Hart describes the book as a testament to her 30s, with her first cookbook surrounding her “being a struggling to survive 20-something” and her second cookbook “about being a struggling 30-something trying to thrive,” while this one follows the steps “after becoming an established adult,” questioning “how do I make the most of this now that I’m the boss?” Hart went on to praise any holiday that allows people to surround themselves with creativity and pointing out that Halloween is perfect for people to shine and express themselves when they don’t get to the rest of the year, calling it “a return to that child-like state of imagination.”

Check out the full list of pairings below!

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Hocus Pocus (1993) + Mac-O-Lantern

“I think number one is Hocus Pocus, and with this one, I recommend making Mac-O-Lanterns, which are great for making with kids before you want to suck their souls from their bodies. But basically, a Mac-O-Lantern is an orange bell pepper that has been cut like a Jack-O-Lantern and stuffed with macaroni and cheese. It’s like a serving vessel so that kids can eat it right out of the bell pepper.”

Watch Hart make it on her popular YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen here!

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) + Coated Pretzels

“So Nightmare Before Christmas is a movie you can watch now, leading up to Christmas, any time you want. So I was thinking white chocolate or yogurt chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, like pretzel rods. You know, they’re like Jack Skellington.”

Edward Scissorhands (1990) + Smoking Spicy Potion

“So the next ones are all Tim Burton things. Tim Burton for me is just… he is Halloween time, just in his work. So for this one, I would say that it’s time to dust off your copy of Edward Scissorhands and watch that movie while sipping on a cocktail from my new cookbook, the ‘Smoking Spicy Potion.’ Using all five of your fingers, because you have fingers and not scissors for hands. So that’ll be something you appreciate, while holding this cup.”

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) + Eyeballs in a Jar

“Next I have Sweeney Todd that are like eyeballs, those peeled grapes that people would make into eyeballs and have in a jar. That felt very Sweeney Todd to me.”

Sleepy Hollow (1999) + Pumpkin Soup

“And last but not least, Sleepy Hollow, and look, I mean, what can I tell you? I really said this is basically just Tim Burton, but Sleepy Hollow is very blustery and set in the industrial era, so a nice pumpkin soup would go along with that for the vibe of a chilly Old New York City.”

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