Thirteen Quintessential Vincent Price Movies for Halloween

Darkness falls across the land, Halloween is close at hand, and has a playlist of 13 Vincent Price Movies to add some class to your October viewing schedule. Check out our Price Halloween favorites in the gallery below, curated by Chris Ameigh of The Full Price Podcast, a monthly podcast dedicated to the Merchant of Menace himself, Vincent Price.

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With a career that spanned seven decades across nearly all genres and platforms Price is remembered best by mass audiences for his villainous roles in classical horror. His career navigated the evolution of horror with roles in Universal monster classics, Gothic Edgar Allan Poe inspired tales of terror and trips to the dregs of 70s and 80s exploitation/slasher shlock.

But Price always viewed his roles with professionalism, and perhaps with a twist of humor. “I don’t play monsters, I play men besieged by fate and out for revenge.” It was this rationalization and his classical acting chops, peppered with some down home midwestern charm that made him a beloved icon of horror cinema.

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You can learn more about the man and his career on the monthly podcast The Full Price, available on most major Podcatcher apps.

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