October Horror Movie Recommendation: Opera

October Horror Movie Recommendation: Opera

Every day for the month of October, Coming Soon is making a new horror movie recommendation for those eager to find a new frightening flick for Halloween. From the creepy goodness of a classy ghost story to a blood-spattered gorefest and everything in between, we’ll have something for every taste of horror. And today’s pick is…..


What’s Opera about: A cult classic Italian giallo film, Dario Argento’s Opera follows a young female opera singer named Betty (Cristina Marsillach) and an unstable superfan dead-set on taking her as his own. Through a series of grisly murders, the killer picks off those closest to Betty one by one—each time forcing her to watch him do it by prying her eyes open with a barbaric device consisting of tape and a series of pins.

Why Opera rules: Dario Argento, who many may recognize as the director of the original Suspiria, has an inimitable signature style. By utilizing his own unique camera tricks and coupling them with a blaring score by Brian Eno, Argento manages to create one of the most singularly horrifying films of his career (and of the entire 1980s).

How scary is Opera: Each murder is more unexpected than the last, creating a terrifying atmosphere of paranoia that begins to leak into the viewer’s own life long after the credits roll.

Be on the lookout for: Dario Argento cameos as the horror movie director-turned-opera director, a role that doesn’t seem too far off for him personally.

Where to watch Opera: The film is streaming for free for Amazon Prime subscribers and can be purchased on blu-ray as well. The film is also streaming for free (with ads) on TubiTV and VUDU.

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