Retro Horror Flick Little Devils Returns to VHS (and DVD)

Little Devils: Obscure VHS favorite gets a limited re-release from Shivers Entertainment

Fledgling retro-Canadian horror film distributor Shivers Entertainment has just announced that they are releasing director George Pavlou (Rawhead Rex, Transmutations) and writer Elliott Stein’s Little Devils: The Birth. Originally released in 1993, Shivers will make this iconic (well, that’s pushing it, but hey!) Canadian creeper available through a limited DVD and VHS release. And it’s a super limited release so you kind of have to move your rump to get a copy.

The film tells the tale of Dr. Lionel (Wayne McNamara, Psycho Pike), who makes a trip to Hell and returns with a strange ooze. Possessed and compelled to work, Lionel creates small, ghoulish imps (think Ghoulies and Gremlins but wayyyyy cheaper!). These mini-monstrosities are set upon a small community, terrorizing an apartment where nice guy Ed (Mark Price, Trick or Treat and Skippy from Family Ties), his new girlfriend, Lynn (Nancy Valen, Porky’s Revenge) and Ed’s strange landlord, Clara (the legendary Stella Stevens) live (and, in some cases, die) . Can this creatures be stopped and returned to the depths below, before it is too late! Al Adamson star and Twin Peaks legend Russ Tamblyn also stars. Which makes this movie instantly cool.

Again, this is a limited release with VHS tapes in short supply. ONLY 25 COPIES of Little Devils will be offered in this format. As well, the film has been remastered into digital. This allows Shivers to make Little Devils available to many more horror fans, via a Special Edition DVD. Though, both versions are limited in stock, so get yours now!

Order your DVD here and try to grab one the Little Devils VHS here.

And check out the trailer! Damn! Honestly, if you can resist this awesomely dopey D-movie than you’re a better man (or woman) than I.


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