10 Horror Flicks That Might Benefit From a Remake


SHOCK suggests a controversial list of beloved flicks that might benefit from a remake.

In an era of unnecessary and inferior remakes of classic or not-so classic horror movies; Hollywood continues to forge ahead and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. But that said, SHOCK would like to suggest 10 titles that could ultimately benefit from a reboot, a controversial notion we know.

Because, let’s face the facts: Hollywood controls the rights to all the great movies so they will likely continue in this fashion whether we like it or not. So, take a moment and consider our choices. 

And remember, a good remake doesn’t replace the original…it builds on it!



THE SENDER (1982) – Dir. Roger Christian

We’re not complaining about this cult classic at all, but it could sincerely benefit from a proper remake, seeing as Paramount Pictures barely even released this exquisite piece.  Give the rights back to Christian, give him a proper budget, update the visual effects, and give it the distribution it deserves. THE SENDER, a tale of psychic horror, could be a delectable treat for a new generation of thirsty horror junkies. Tarantino loves this movie. Maybe he could produce?


POLTERGEIST (1982 & 2015) – Dir. Tobe Hooper & Gil Kenan

Seeing as this film should have never been remade in the first place, and seeing as the remake produced by Sam Raimi was an utter disaster what harm could come from another kick at the corporeal can? To be frank there are aspects of the original Freeling family adventure that would benefit from a cinematic facelift. The old school blue screen effects, although impressive at the time, now stand as unconvincing  Let’s not forget the messy ending that spirals into chaos. Reportedly, with producer Steven Spielberg’s involvement, nobody was sure who was directing at this point. Another attempt at a remount is not the worst idea.


ALTERED STATES (1980) – Dir. Ken Russell

Even though maverick director Ken Russell’s mind-altering masterpiece will be forever etched our minds, a retelling in today’s market would be a breath of fresh air.  Think about the possibilities, especially when handled by a visionary director like David Fincher (SE7EN). A Fincher remake would be incredible; imagine a horror-charged version of FIGHT CLUB on a heavy dose of meth or peyote. Or how about a Lars von Trier or a Nicolas Winding Refn version of ALTERED STATES. We get chills just talking about it.


THE ENTITY (1982) – Dir. Sidney J. Furie

Based on the real life events portrayed in the novel THE ENTITY by Frank De Felitta, this flick is a subtle, yet potent creep fest about a nasty presence that repeatedly beats and rapes a single mother for many years without any resolve.  Loved by many, but generally missed by most, this flick should be remade for new generation of thrill seekers.  The visual effects are definitely dated, most of which look clunky by todays standards.  We could see audiences latching on to a new version of THE ENTITY, if handled by veteran talent maybe someone like Kathryn Bigelow, someone that would put character and story first.


CUJO (1983) – Dir. Lewis Teague

Aside from an outstanding performance by Dee Wallace, CUJO wasn’t the most memorable film to begin with, so the idea of a new version may not irritate the horror purists. Go back to Stephen King’s novel. Make a faithful adaptation. Today’s audience loves paranoia, so hire someone like Neil Marshall (THE DESCENT) to direct it, an artist who understands how to capture claustrophobia. CUJO trades in this as well as exploiting the faith we attach to household pets and how we completely forget how savage they can be.


RAWHEAD REX (1986) – Dir. George Pavlou

An early Clive Barker adaptation that only the diehard 80s horror enthusiast saw. Let’s face the facts: this flick, based on Barker’s story RAWHEAD REX featured in the incredible BOOKS OF BLOOD, was terrible.  Even the title creature comes off as goofy on screen, like the unholy cheap bastard offspring of the Ultimate Warrior and one of the Uruk-hai featured in LORD OF THE RINGS. Clive’s tale is haunting and if Hollywood has to do another remake, it may want to consider a more thoughtful, less hokey redux of this beastie.


LIFEFORCE (1985) – Dir. Tobe Hooper

We all love Tobe Hooper’s cult masterpiece based on the book THE SPACE VAMPIRES by Colin Wilson, but to admit that the film is nothing but a misunderstood, yet beautiful disaster takes a lot guts. The hardcore fans will certainly yell sacrilege, but hear us out.  LIFEFORCE doesn’t really need a remake but one could also elevate it to something monumental, perhaps with a talent like Ridley Scott steering the ship. Zombies. Vampires. It’s all there.


VIDEODROME (1983) – Dir. David Cronenberg

Saying VIDEODROME needs a remake will land us in horror hell for sure.  Cronenberg’s visionary cult classic will always be loved and a fan favorite, but there are relevant themes lingering within this tale that reflect life in 2016, even though they were prophetic in 1982.  We lust for all things high-tech and we are all horrible voyeurs; we secretly enjoy other people’s pain and suffering. A VIDEODROME remake is the answer to our current needs. Hell let Cronenberg re-direct it, toss in tons of cash, and update the visuals (even though the original effects are still stellar, courtesy of Rick Baker).   Remake2

IT’S ALIVE (1974) – Dir. Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen’s unforgettable, mutant killer baby flick will always be loved. But Rick Baker’s death baby is dated and comes off a bit comical and lacks today’s scare-factor. Yes, this film was silently (and horribly) remade in 2008, thankfully no really paid any attention, so our vote of confidence still sticks.  A proper remake could really work; nothing’s more horrifying then parental fears, and their unconditional love for our children. Think about a stylized remake of IT’S ALIVE, imagine someone like Danny Boyle behind the lens, or how about Darren Aronofsky?


NIGHTBREED (1990) – Dir. Clive Barker

Another Barker entry, one riddled in mixed emotions and cherished by many, despite being a failed box-office juggernaut.  NIGHTBREED was unfortunately doomed from the onset. No one really connected with a monster movie disguised inside of a mass-murderer tale, a story where the monsters become the heroes and the humans end up being the real villains. NIGHTBREED (even though there was a restored Director’s Cut) is ready to be re-embraced by a new generation. Monsters and their roles have changed, people now root for the creatures-of-the-night; folks are ready to welcome this kind of horror.  Let Clive Barker re-direct it, update some of the wonkier creatures effects and bad matte paintings, give it a hefty budget, and lockout the suits so they will not hamper with his creativity. Just let these concepts simmer for a while, in the meantime we’ll line up for our tickets.

Feel free to hate my guts below or offer some suggestions for other films that might fare well with an update…


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