Win the Mother of All Ghoulies Prize Packs from Full Moon


Win the Mother of All Ghoulies Prize Packs from Full Moon

Win a giant Ghoulies prize pack from Full Moon Direct

When Charles Band’s Empire pictures released director Luca Bercovici’s 1985 satanic panic thriller Ghoulies (filmed as Beasties) in 1985, it was a huge hit for the company. An obvious attempt to ride the commercial coattails of Joe Dante’s Gremlins, the film features a crew of evil puppets sculpted by John Carl Buechler and boasted a poster that featured the above devil monster popping out of a toilet with the now infamous tagline “They’ll Get You in the End.”

The funny thing is, when the movie was released on VHS, many renters thought it WAS Gremlins and because of this it became one of the biggest rental titles of its day.

The movie spawned three sequels and secured Band’s career which, via Empire’s successor label Full Moon Features, he is still hard at work evolving and having fun with.

Band/Full Moon’s latest release is the deranged evil clown sequel Killjoy’s Psycho Circus. You can read all about that nutty number – which released today on DVD and most digital platforms – here.

To celebrate Band’s early days and still potent present (and to give us an excuse to talk about the freaking awesome Ghoulies!), we have the MOTHER of all Ghoulies prize packs to give away. The prize pack includes a Ghoulies theatrical poster print, a limited edition Ghoulies statue, a Ghoulies pin and TWO Ghoulies T Shirts as well as a copy of Killjoy’s Psycho Circus on DVD (approx value for the pack is $150 USD).

Have a look at all the swag here.

To win, simply email [email protected] with the words GO GO GHOULIES! in the subject line. One lucky winner will be chosen at random.