WonderCon: Geoff Johns Remains Vague on DC Movie Plans


At the WonderCon “Spotlight on Geoff Johns” panel, the long-time DC writer best known for his work with The Flash and Green Lantern, who was recently named Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment, took questions from the audience and more than a few of them were about the future of DC Comics in the movies with the recent changes.

Johns told the audience that he’d been involved in a consulting capacity for the movies for some time now, presumably with Green Lantern currently in production, and some of the movies that had been hinted at.

Many people have been waiting for more announcements from DC Entertainment about their plans, similar to the announcement by Marvel Studios after the opening weekend of Iron Man, laying out their plans for the coming years. DC and Warner Bros. haven’t been as forthcoming on their future output, but Johns promises that we’ll be seeing “a lot more DC Movies” in the future.

All he’d say about The Flash movie when asked repeatedly was that it’s in development; nothing about how much he’s involved or whether he’s writing it outright. He gave an even more vague answer when asked about a Wonder Woman movie, although he admitted that everyone at DC wants to see it.

One person asked the question on many minds whether DC is gearing up like Marvel Studios to bring all of the DCU characters together in some sort of Justice League movie, to which Johns responded just as vaguely:

“I can’t talk about it. We’ll talk in San Diego.”

Of course, that would make most assume that DC Entertainment are indeed saving up the announcement everyone’s been waiting for until Comic-Con in San Diego in July, although the wiser move would be to see how the Green Lantern movie fares first.

As far as how these planned movies might affect the DC Comics, Johns stated that it would work the other way around with a similarly vague comment that once again hinted that we’ll be getting more of an idea what’s to come in the coming months:

“We’re trying to bring everything together, but everything comes from the comics. You’ll see in the coming months how it’s going to be better integrated, I’m really excited about it, but it’s so early, I can’t get into details yet.”

Stay tuned for more from WonderCon in the coming days.