Will it be Superman and the Justice League?

One of the RopeofSilicon readers emailed in asking why there wasn’t any news on the Superman Returns sequel Man of Steel coming out of Comic Con. Unfortunately I had no reply, there just wasn’t. However, it looks like there may be something in the works in the way of a Justice League of America film that may or may not operate as a Superman Returns sequel.

First off LatinoReview is reporting that Happy Feet helmer George Miller is attached to direct the feature. Miller wrote and directed Mad Max and Babe and may or may not be a good choice. I am not too sure.

However, while this may seem premature, there was an Ain’t It Cool News article that led us to believe that the script has actually already been completed. Here is what their scooper had to say:

I know that Superman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Jon Stewart all appear in the script.

Maxwell Lord, OMAC, and someone named Talia (Al Ghul?) all appear. One of the OMACs is referred to as “Beta”, so the story may involve the start of the OMAC project.

So, with Superman involved in the film this may indeed operate as a sequel to Superman Returns as Devin at CHUD speculates asking, “Will it be called Superman and the Justice League?”

Kevin Spacey is confirmed for the sequel and we all know Brandon Routh has nothing else to do, so with little news on the Man of Steel front this may be the way Warner Bros. is looking to go.

The bigger question is whether or not Christian Bale crosses over to the Justice League film. I expect The Dark Knight to be a huge hit and would much rather he continues with Christopher Nolan and that franchise and leave the other stuff to less capable actors.


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