MondoCon: Waxwork Reveals Plans for Trick ‘r Treat Vinyl

Waxwork Records used this weekend’s MondoCon in Austin, Texas as an opportunity to announce its October plans: A vinyl release of the score for Trick ‘r Treat, the Halloween-themed anthology horror film directed by Michael Dougherty.
The pics you see here were taken at Waxwork’s booth where the package was on display.

The score was done by Douglas Pipes (Monster House) and package art is by Francesco Francavilla. Shock was told this would ship around Halloween, so stay tuned for order details.

Legacy of the Lycanthrope: A Werewolf Timeline

Feral. Mangy. Hungry and cursed. No wonder why the werewolf is such a irritable beast. He (or she) has had a hell of an on-screen romp full of ups and downs over the last century. More often than not, we can cite the successful werewolf films by heart; the go-to titles being, arguably, The Wolf Man, An American Werewolf in London and The Howling – that last title spawning a series of abysmal sequels that seemingly set out to destroy the werewolf sub-genre with an unwavering obsession equal to that of Calvin Lockheart’s in The Beast Must Die. Nevertheless, the werewolf has endured.