Midnight Suns Animated Prequel Short

Midnight Suns Animated Prequel Short Pairs Up Magik & Scarlet Witch

Following up on last week’s debut, the second Midnight Suns animated prequel short has finally been released online. This short follows Magik and how she came to join the Midnight Suns.

In addition to a few of its cameos, the video shows Scarlet Witch in her attempts to speak to the sorceress. However, being distrustful of groups, Magik is initially hesitant to be part of a team.

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This second episode has a different animation style than the first one, as it seems as though the series went from 2D animation to 3D. It remains to be seen if each episode will have a different kind of animation. It’s likely that one of these drops every week until launch, so that will become clear quite soon.

Firaxis Games also only has one more launch character to dive into. With the Ghost Rider breakdown, the team has gone through each friendly hero players can use. The last one is still a mystery.

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