Midnight Suns' First Prequel Short Debuts Online

Midnight Suns’ First Animated Prequel Short Debuts Online

As promised, Firaxis Games has released the first animated prequel short for Midnight Suns. This is just one of five and the rest of which will presumably drop weekly until the game’s December 2 release.

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This first episode is mainly about Lilith, the game’s central antagonist. It takes viewers back to the 1600s to show how the Darkhold corrupted her and set her on the path of villainy. The rest of the videos will touch on Marvel heroes like Blade, Magik, Ghost Rider, and Nico Minoru and show how they all came together to form the Midnight Suns.

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And while these will be dropping before the game comes out, Firaxis Games is not done with character breakdowns. The studio has been teasing a Ghost Rider deep dive that will be dropping in the near future.


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