Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Gameplay Showcase Previews Large Attacks

Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Gameplay Showcase Previews Large Attacks

Following a teaser trailer that dropped a couple of days ago, the latest gameplay showcase for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is all about Robbie Reyes, also known as The Ghost Rider.

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The gameplay showcase comes courtesy of 2K NextMaker Christopher Odd once again, and dives into what makes Ghost Rider one of the biggest and baddest damage dealers in the entire game. Due to the nature of Ghost Riders’ attacks and abilities, his damage output is among some of the largest you’ll find when you get the chance to check out Midnight Suns. However, in line with his character, these attacks come at a potentially significant cost at times.

Many of Robbie’s cards have trade-offs, essentially requiring you to either sacrifice cards in your hands or, sometimes, your own health to deal out an attack. On top of that, Robbie also has his own “Soul Meter” that he can fill out by getting knockouts on enemies. According to the gameplay showcase, Ghost Rider also operates best when he’s able to spend a lot of Heroism, and is best paired with a character that can generate a ton of Heroism, or can heal frequently since Ghost Rider will need constant support when dealing out attacks.

As for abilities, Ghost Rider also sports some of the more outlandish ones in the game. “Immolate,” for example, will make enemies knocked out by Ghost Rider turn into ticking time bombs, which will explode after a couple of turns and deal out double damage in their area of effect. As mentioned earlier, Ghost Rider also has a “Soul Meter” to fill up, which grants “Drain Soul” cards when you do so. These cards, which are stackable, have lifesteal capabilities, and when chained together, can tether enemies together for massive damage. You’ll need to maintain a good amount of knockouts and Heroism to do this, however, making it a risky play, but one with a huge payoff.

Other abilities for Ghost Rider include his Heroic ability, “Judgment,” which consumes 25% of your current health, but deals out damage at a rate of 2x all the health you traded. This essentially means that, the more health you give up, the more damage you can do. Another Heroic ability, “Hell Ride,” sees Robbie riding atop his ride and taking down enemies in a line for major damage. However, the trade-off here is that your entire hand must be discarded. This makes for an interesting card, as you could time it out to use it as the last attack, or simply go all out and risk it for some early damage.

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It’s unclear who the next character showcase will be, but Midnight Suns has a pattern of rolling out teaser videos of superheroes before focusing on them in an in-depth fashion, so the next character teaser should give us an idea of who to expect a deep dive on.


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