Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Gameplay Showcase Teases Major Power

Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Gameplay Showcase Teases Major Power

A few days after teasing her powers in a short video, the latest gameplay showcase for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is all about one of the strongest characters in all of Marvel’s history, Scarlet Witch, and her incredible power in the game.

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The gameplay showcase comes courtesy of 2K NextMaker Christopher Odd once again, and tackles a character that wields some incredibly powerful magic and can deal a ton of damage in the game. Unlike more brute force characters that get in close and deal damage, Scarlet Witch relies on positioning the most, with most of her movesets dealing AoE (area of effect) damage, and thus requires way more strategy than other characters might.

Of course, Scarlet Witch is still mighty powerful in the game, and strikes a balance between damage, enemy control, and support, according to the video. The showcase specifically mentions pairing the character with another hero that is capable of high, single-target damage in order to maximize her abilities. The showcase also highlights some of her special moves, including the team buff “Chaos Field,” which gives all allies near Scarlet Witch one Resist at the end of their turn for two full turns. Upgrading this card will also allow for Wanda to heal her teammates as well as give them resist abilities, making this a hugely powerful asset if you’re headed into a large group of enemies.

The key to wielding Wanda right, however, lies in how you position her. Her passive ability, “Wrong Place, Wrong Time,” allows her the chance to grant a negative status effect to an enemy near her during each turn. This means that you’ll want to place Scarlet Witch in the right spot on the battlefield, keeping her close enough to enemies to affect them, but not close enough to take in a ton of damage.

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It’s unclear who the next character showcase will be, but Midnight Suns has a pattern of rolling out teaser videos of superheroes before focusing on them in an in-depth fashion, so the next character teaser should give us an idea of who to expect a deep dive on.



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