This Is Us Season 3 Recap


This Is Us Season 3 Recap

This Is Us Season 3 Recap

NBC’s This Is Us left Season 2 with a mystery flash forward with Tess and Randall going to see someone who was dying. This Is Us Season 3 answered that question and threw its characters into some trying situations. To close out the season and to celebrate the show’s recent renewal, we’re recapping the major storylines of the season for the Pearsons.

Kevin and Zoe

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We saw Kevin and Zoe go from a blossoming flirtation to a serious relationship this season. Kevin asked Zoe to go to Vietnam with him to research Jack’s time there during the war. Initial conflict came from Kevin not understanding why Zoe would need a silk pillowcase, illustrating cultural differences between them based on their interracial relationship. But things got more serious when Zoe opened up to Kevin about sexual abuse she suffered as a girl. When Kevin fell off the wagon after finding Uncle Nicky, it was Kevin’s lying that made Zoe question their relationship.

Unfortunately, it was Zoe’s assertion that she never wanted children that ended their relationship. After secretly being hopeful she would change her mind, Kevin admitted that he did want kids. During the flash forward in the finale, we saw that Kevin did eventually have a son.

Kate and Toby

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Without telling Kate, Toby went off his antidepressants to increase their chances of getting pregnant. This sent Toby into a depressive spiral. However, Toby eventually came out of it after reestablishing his medication, and Kate became pregnant. Kate went into labor very early, and the family spent a long, tense time, arguing in the waiting room. Kate came out of it fine, and baby Jack was born premature. Toby struggled with his son’s fragile state until he was finally able to hold him. In the flash forward, though we don’t see him, Jack is alive and well.

Randall and Beth

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There was a big question mark hanging over Randall and Beth’s relationship this season. Randall ran for city councilman in Philadelphia and won. At the same time, Beth was laid off from her job, and the job hunt felt defeating for her. We saw Beth as a young girl work diligently as a ballet dancer and gave it up before meeting Randall in college. Beth wanted to pursue a dance career again, this time as an instructor. Unfortunately, this caused significant strain on her relationship with Randall as he took office. After a nasty fight between them, Randall decided to resign, but Beth told them they would be moving to Philadelphia. She would be opening her own dance studio there.

Rebecca and Jack

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In the past, we saw the beginning of Rebecca and Jack’s relationship. They went on a road trip to California soon after meeting. Jack didn’t discuss his time in Vietnam, but eventually we learned that his brother Nicky didn’t die in the war. A horrible accident caused a rift in Jack and Nicky’s relationship. Nicky hadn’t known that Jack died. The Big Three went to see him, and it didn’t go as Kevin had hoped.

We learned that it was Rebecca, whose health was failing in the flash forward.

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