This Is Us Season 3 Episode 15 Recap

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 15 Recap

In the previous episode of NBC’s This Is Us, Kate went into labor while taking Kevin to a sobriety meeting, while Randall asked Beth to put her dance teaching on hold. In This Is Us season 3 episode 15, the family waited for news about Kate and the baby.

Chocolate or Ranch

Kevin, Randall, Rebecca, Miguel, Zoe, and Beth had been staying in the waiting room for twenty-six hours. Finally, Kate’s doctor came out to talk to them. He had her on drugs to delay labor, but this risked infection. While they waited, everyone was on edge. Miguel tried to break the ice by playing a game where they had to name a food that wouldn’t be better with either or chocolate or ranch. Rebecca spent her time pointing out the little details of the room.

When Randall and Kevin’s bickering got too much for Rebecca, she explained how she knew everything about the waiting room from the night Jack died. She felt that nothing else mattered besides Kate and the baby. Randall and Kevin had better put away whatever else they were feeling.

Changing Tones

Randall and Beth had not resolved their argument. Beth resented Randall asking her to put dance teaching on hold, while Randall felt that he couldn’t back out after the election. They needed a salary from Beth to pay for childcare. When Randall and Beth asked Miguel and Rebecca if they could take that on, they explained they had been thinking of relocating to California to be there for Kate and the baby. Randall and Beth resolved to figure it out themselves.

Water Bottle

Everyone knew now that Kevin had relapsed. He was on edge in the waiting room without any news. After telling Madison, who arrived with doughnuts, that she shouldn’t be there, he left for a while and came back with a bottle of water.

Zoe tried to talk to Kevin about it. She had been willing to stay with Kevin despite his problems. Kevin told her that he couldn’t deal with his relapse without her. Zoe revealed to Beth that she knew Kevin’s water bottle contained vodka.


Kate had an emergency C-section, and her and Toby’s son was born premature. When Toby took Kate to see him, she told Toby that she wanted to name him “Jack”. Kate prayed and spoke to her father to help save her son’s life. She brought out a Ruth Bader Ginsburg doll that Madison had retrieved for them as part of her birth plan. Kate reassured Toby that everything would be okay.

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