This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2 Recap


This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

In the previous episode of This Is Us, Kate started hormone treatments for IVF despite the risk, and Beth found out about Kevin and Zoe’s fling. This episode began with a flashback of Randall receiving his acceptance letter from Howard University shortly after Jack’s death.


Kate didn’t want Rebecca to know that she was going through IVF treatments. However, Rebecca, who knew about the risks, inadvertently found out. She urged Kate to reconsider, but they argued. Toby blew up at them and left to go for a walk before Kevin’s movie premiere. Since Toby had stopped taking his antidepressants, he was going through withdrawal symptoms. He lost track of time, and at the movie premiere, Rebecca gave Kate her hormone injection since he wasn’t there.

Rebecca blamed herself for the weight Kate gained after Jack’s death. She had been struggling with her own depression, and she didn’t stop Kate from overeating. She explained that the idea of Kate risking her life paralyzed her with fear since losing Jack.


This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Kevin confessed to Zoe that he wanted to ask her to be his date for the premiere of his movie Hill 400. Uncomfortable with what that would mean for them, she said she had a flight. When Kevin offered to drive her to the airport, Zoe insisted that she wanted to keep what they were doing casual. While Zoe was working on her documentary, she watched an interview Kevin was giving at the movie premiere. He talked about how he hadn’t brought a date and was only there with his family. Kevin received a text with her return flight details, so he could pick her up.

“We Are Not a ‘We’”

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

Randall picked Deja up from school. When she commented about how her new school didn’t have a drill team, he decided to bring her to meet Chichi and Sky. Chichi lived in the building he had bought, and she used to be friends with William. Sky was her daughter and around Deja’s age. Randall hoped they would become friends.

When Chichi brought up maintenance problems with the community center’s building, Randall decided to contact the city about fixing it up. He tracked down a city councilman who promised he would have a maintenance crew over that night. Randall waited there until he had to leave for Kevin’s premiere, but no one had come. He fixed a light bulb himself, but Chichi reminded him that he wasn’t actually part of their community.

Randall asked Kevin what he had missed that day. Kevin offhandedly mentioned how Kate felt she was the only one that could pass on a piece of Dad and how her comment had upset him. But Randall too seemed hurt by that notion.


This Is Us Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

The episode’s flashback took place a few months after Jack’s death. Rebecca seemed tired, Kevin was often drunk, and Kate constantly ate junk food. Randall seemed to be the only one aware of what was happening to everyone, but he would be leaving for Howard. He ended up calling the school to tell them he wouldn’t be attending since his family needed him.

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