This Is Us Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

NBC’s This Is Us is back from winter hiatus. When we left off with the Pearsons, Kate was pregnant with a boy, Kevin and Zoe discovered that Nicky hadn’t died in Vietnam, and Randall resolved to continue running for councilman without Beth’s blessing. This Is Us season 3 episode 10 caught us up on what happened in the seven weeks before the election.

Harder to Be Good

Randall spent all his time campaigning while Beth held down the fort at home. When New Year’s Eve came, he tried to buy a blueberry pie for the family, a tradition that Beth loved. Unfortunately, the diner just sold the last pie.

While at the diner, he ran into Rev. Hawley, an influential figure in the community who backed Brown. Randall vented to Hawley. That night, Jae-won discovered a scandal that would be Brown’s downfall. But Randall didn’t want to win that way. Rev. Hawley gave him the last blueberry pie, and Randall threw out the dirt on Brown. He went home and apologized to his family. Beth apologized for not expecting him to be who he was: someone who cares too much and tries too hard.

The race was too close to call, especially after Rev. Hawley endorsed the candidates equally at church. While speaking to Beth in bed about Jack, he got the election results. He won.

John Stamos

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

Kevin and Zoe made it back to his apartment. Kevin asked Zoe to move in with a key on a John Stamos key chain. With the news that Nicky was still alive, they went to Veteran Affairs. However, he was not next of kin, so they needed a letter from a prominent person to vouch for them. Zoe set up a meeting with a congressman that she knew. It turned out they had dated for a couple of years, and Zoe broke up with him in an email. Despite that, the congressman wrote an email on Kevin’s behalf, and they got information on Nicky. The last they heard from him, he signed papers releasing him from a psych ward with “Clark Kent”.

On Election Night, Zoe gave back the key. But after a speech from Randall, she chased after Kevin. She admitted that it was hard for her to give up her safe space after her father’s abuse. But she was in love with Kevin and wanted the key back. When they were unpacking at their apartment, Zoe found a box of Jack’s things. In it was a postcard from someone, who signed it “C.K.” It was postmarked 1992, which indicated that Jack had known then that Nicky was alive.

Do Not Sell

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

Kate wanted to turn Toby’s room of collectibles into a nursery. Unfortunately, she accidentally sold a box of his prized Star Wars action figures. Toby had them since childhood and hoped to pass them onto their children.

Toby and Kate went to see the college student who bought them. She gave him a speech about how she is pregnant and all her childhood possessions, including a football stadium that Jack built, had burned in the fire. However, the student was not moved.

Kate ended up buying replacements from eBay. She assured him they would make new memories. On election night, Toby surprised her with a football stadium he had built with an old picture of hers as a reference. She loved it.

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