Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 7 Recap


Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 7

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

In the previous episode of Deadly Class, Marcus and Maria began to date in secret, Chester threatened Marcus and Master Gao asserted her dominance over the school’s teachers. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 7 ‘Rise Above’!

Passing Time

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 7

Marcus decided to tell Saya about the threatening phone call he received from Chester. Marcus explained who Chester is and why Chester hated Marcus. Saya agreed to tag along with Marcus on a trip to confront Chester. In Las Vegas, Chester was passing his time in the company of some of his family members. Chester had also taken up conversing with Chico’s disembodied head and reading the works of Ayn Rand. Back in King’s Dominion, Lex and Maria were practicing sneak attacks. After a lecture at the hands of Master Lin, Maria stormed off. Willie had gone to a girl’s apartment and they discussed Willie’s father as well as the possibility of transplanting souls from one human being to another.

The Scorpio Slasher

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 7

Saya and Marcus went to the jail cells underneath King’s Dominion and found the Scorpio Slasher. They explained who Chester was, and the Slasher agreed to help track him down in exchange for a burrito at a local Mexican restaurant. Maria was taken to meet with Chico’s father, who was also the head of the Mexican cartel and was asking about Chico’s death. Master Lin was also present at this meeting and expressed his concern over Chico’s death as well. Marcus and Saya found Billy and had to negotiate a puzzle room in order to leave King’s Dominion. Saya quickly solved the riddle and the foursome went to get some high quality burritos. At the burrito place, the Slasher explained how Chester’s serial killer nature had been forged. They ordered ice cream as a nice compliment to their burritos.

Fame Heals All Wounds

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 7

In Vegas, Chester and Chico’s head discussed their fathers and Chester’s sexual obsession with dogs. Chester also expressed his feelings that fame would fix all of his problems. Back at King’s Dominion, Saya explained the principle of the Red String to Marcus. Marcus countered by explaining the ridiculousness of Christianity. The Scorpio Slasher attempted to explain the commonalities between himself and Marcus, but Marcus strongly disagreed with his findings. The group of four continued their journey to track down Chester. Willie returned to school from his date and complained about his date being cut short. Maria returned to her room and was warned by one of Chico’s father’s cronies, that she had 24 hours to live. The Slasher led Marcus to a local dog shelter where Chester was attempting to murder someone. Marcus let the Slasher confront Chester, and he quickly disemboweled Chester’s followers.  Chester abducted the Slasher and drove away from the shelter. In a Japanese nightclub, Maria killed a high ranking teenage member of a Japanese crime syndicate.

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