Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of Deadly Class, Marcus came to understand the important role that assassins played in modern society. Elsewhere, Maria agreed to marry Chico after he threatened her life. What does this next installment have in store? Let’s find out as we recap Deadly Class season 1 episode 3!

Take Me To The Dance

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 3

Marcus was instructed on the class system of King’s Dominion by Shab. He learned of an upcoming dance being hosted by the Legacies, and Rats, the unaffiliated, were not allowed to attend. In blow dart class, Victor asked Petra to the Legacy dance, but was denied by her. In poisoning class, Marcus spilled poison on one of the other students. Jurgen warned Marcus against antagonizing the other student groups, as it would put Marcus in grave danger. Petra found Victor and agreed to go the dance with him, mostly to spite Brandi. At lunch, the Rats were fed a stew made with ray meat. Billy and Lex vowed revenge on the other classes, while Marcus was indifferent to it.


Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 3

Later that day, Lex delivered the mail to all of the other students. He had rigged each package to coat the recipient in ink. Jurgen handed in a letter of resignation to Master Lin. In Fundamentals of Psychopathy class, the teacher immediately deduced that Marcus’ reputation was inaccurate. Saya, Marcus, and Maria were assigned together to practice hand-to-hand combat in Atypical Combat Skills class. They successfully rescued their target and the teacher praised Marcus’ unusual fighting style. Master Lin took Jurgen’s resignation letter to the headmaster of the school. She ordered Master Lin to kill Jurgen to ensure his silence on the nature of King’s Dominion. That night, Saya and Maria robbed a local liquor store. Marcus wrote in his journal about how he thought that Christians enjoyed violence being carried out against their religion, as it gave them more fuel for their religious fervor.

The Dance

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 3

Willie came to visit Marcus, but Marcus told him that they couldn’t be friends if Willie was unable to acknowledge Marcus’ existence in public. Saya and Maria arrived at the dance and everyone was having a fun time, except for Victor and Petra. Petra lamented the existence of the vent, but Victor convinced to try dancing and she seemed to enjoy it. Marcus, Billy, and Lex were hanging out on the roof, discussing the horrors of capitalism. Lex set off some fireworks. Chico came and took Maria away from the dance and threatened Saya at the same time. Victor took Petra to the bathroom were Brandi and the other neo-nazis were waiting to give Petra a beauty pageant style makeover. Petra ran off and found her way to the roof, where Marcus and Billy comforted her. She vowed never to associate with the Legacies again. During the slow dance, Marcus and Petra invaded the dance and shot most of the students with a drug, causing the students to hallucinate. Master Lin arrived and sent everyone back to their dorms. Billy and Petra slow-danced to the sultry sounds of Chris De Burgh.

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