True Blood Recap: Episode 706 ‘Karma’

This was one of the better episodes of the season. There were a lot of story threads, nothing particularly explosive, but sometimes that is all you need.

Sarah escapes while Eric is killing an oncoming wave of Yakuza. He kills them all while carrying the jaw of the Yakuza he killed last week. The last wave includes an unpleasant surprise: Pam wrapped in silver. Eric is tired, so he gives in. The Yakuza take the two of them to the Yakamono Corporation, where they are left alone in a room with a timer, counting down to sunrise. Three minutes before their time runs out, the president of Yakamono comes in. He wants Sarah Newlin

True Blood Comic-Con Trailer Looks at the Weeks Ahead

HBO posted a new “weeks ahead” trailer moments after debuting it to Comic-Con attendees. This is the final season for the series and it’s closely in on the final episodes. It looks like Rutger Hauer is coming back. Tara, too. And Jason’s vampy girlfriend appears to be going bonkers. Ah, the drama. Check out the trailer here.

True Blood Recap: Episode 704 ‘Death is Not the End’

When I break this episode down into individual scenes and storylines, I find that I actually liked a lot of this episode of True Blood. But the stuff that I had to wade through to get to the good stuff was just terrible.

Sookie plays councilor to everyone in Bon Temps. She calls Alcide

Horror Highlights of Comic-Con: Saturday, July 26th

Below, please find all of the horror-related panels taking place the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, July 26th.

For previous “horror highlights” for this event – head on over to our SDCC hub right here where you’ll find Preview Night, Thursday and Friday’s schedule.
Shock Till You Drop will be hitting the con hard this year, bringing you interviews, reviews, photos and more. So stay tuned!

True Blood Recap: Episode 701 ‘Jesus Gonna Be Here’

Full disclosure: True Blood lost me during season four – the season with the witches. I dug the show up until that point, but then they had the ridiculous witches and all the fairy nonsense, and that was it for me. So atrociously bad was season four that I have never quite forgiven the show. Season five, with the Authority, was weak salve on an open wound. Season six, with the vampire detention centers, was genuinely interesting – until they brought in Warlow and the whole fairy vampire princess garbage.

So frankly, I am ready for the show to wrap.

The good news about the season seven premiere: no fairyworld crap. The bad news: there wasn

Check Out the Second Trailer for True Blood Season 7

HBO has released a second trailer for True Blood season 7. The first episode of this finale season airs on June 22nd with the installment entitled “Jesus Gonna Be Here.”

Stephen Moyer – vampire Bill – is back in the director’s seat. Here’s a synopsis: A band of rogue H-vamps crashes the vampire-human mixer at Bellefleur