True Blood Recap: Episode 709 ‘ Love is to Die’

true blood 709 - eric & bill

I think I have accepted that True Blood is a “chick show.” The violence, the fighting, the monsters are all gone. But for me, that just leaves a hell of a lot less that is interesting. And they have wrapped up all the interesting storylines: Tara and her mom; Violet…well, okay, I guess those were the most interesting storylines. But have you noticed that in the last few episodes, Hep V has barely even been mentioned? And we haven’t had any attacks from Hep V vamps since the first couple episodes. I miss those junkie psychopaths.

Bill has decided that he doesn’t want the cure. Worse, he can’t/won’t explain why. Some nonsense about accepting his fate. He later admits to Eric that he is doing it for Sookie. Anyway, Sookie and Jessica don’t take this very well. Sookie slaps him until Eric makes her stop, while Jessica asks to be released. Bill abides.

The girls next head to Sam’s house and find it cleared out. There is a heartfelt letter to Sookie left on the table, explaining the obvious reasons he left town, but invites her to Chicago when the baby is born. Next they go to the bar, where Arlene is holding a dinner party (the last supper?) for the employees while they wait for customers to return. Sookie gives a second letter to Andy, thinking it is some heartfelt message like she got. But it’s not: “I resign.” Jessica sees James there and makes amends with him. She leaves Sookie under his protection and heads over to Hoyt’s house.

Hoyt and Bridget are engaged in a huge fight. First she is mad that he doesn’t want kids. Then she is jealous of Hoyt and “that red head.” Things get heated, and he admits that he paid Jessica a visit that day, but it was only to bring clean blood to Bill – whom he does know. She accepts this – until Jessica appears at the door. She came there to tell him about “us,” how they used to be together. Bridget goes apoplectic and tells Hoyt that if he goes after Jessica, they are over. Hoyt goes after Jessica without hesitation, and she tells him “the story of us.” Bridget calls Jason, the only other person she knows in Bon Temps, and asks him to pick her up. He does so without hesitation.

By the time Jason arrives, Hoyt has heard enough to know that he needs to punch Jason, so he knocks him out cold. When he wakes, he is in the passenger seat of his patrol car, Bridget at the wheel. She is taking him to the hospital, but Jason insists they go home. He has had tons of concussions before, and this one isn’t major. He also wants to assure Bridget that they will not have sex that night, something which vaguely offends the heartbroken Bridget. At Jason’s house, they have a good – if dull – heart-to-heart, and she teaches him how to go to bed with a woman without sleeping with her. It’s cute. Meanwhile, Jessica explains to Hoyt how she always loved him, she just, basically, needed to sow some oats. By the end of the episode they are making sweet, sweet love.

Eric visits Bill for their own heart-to-heart. Bill believes that the cure might not be what Sookie wants, but it is what she needs. As long as he is alive, she will never move on and find love elsewhere. (Narcissist!) He requests one final favor from Eric: to talk to Sookie and get her to talk to him. Because apparently we are back in junior high and she ignored the note he passed to her during study hall. After dropping of Sookie at home, Eric returns to Fangtasia, where Ginger is twitchy and annoyed that Eric didn’t drop everything and tell her he was cured. He is feeling exceedingly generous and agrees it was wrong of him. To make it up to her, he is going to fuck her. Ginger can’t believe her ears, and he lets her dictate her fantasy, which is to fuck him in his throne. I don’t know if he even manages to penetrate her before she is having a squeaky, squealing orgasm and collapses to the floor. She is asleep before Eric even zips up.

Eric starts looking around for Pam, and heads down to the basement. He finds her there, strapped to a table beneath a huge, dangling wooden stake. Mr. Gus and his Yakuza henchmen are there and demand to know where Eric has been and what he has told Miss Stackhouse. He finally admits he told Sookie about the cure, and Mr. Gus demands to know where she lives.

The episode ends with Bill standing nervously on Sookie’s front porch, knocking on the door. Judging by this final scene, and the scenes for next week, the finale is going to be a lot of Bill/Sookie romance nonsense. Hopefully the Yakuza will bust in and cut the treacle with a lot of bloodshed.


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