Deadly Friend Making a Comeback


Another Craven property reborn

We’ll do a bit more digging on this and reach out to Wes Craven’s camp, but for now, Clint at Moviehole is reporting that Warner Bros. is mulling over another Deadly Friend.

Here’s what Clint says: “Deadly Friend 2.0 is in the works – writers are toying with the concept now, producers are racking their brains trying to think who’d be an ideal proxy for Kristy Swanson (Hmmm… pretty robot girl… Kristen Stewart!?) and Warner Bros are likely hoping their Re-Animator-esque horror redo lends itself to a shitty 3D overlay.”

This smells like pure “Warner Premiere” fodder. That’s the label that gave us Lost Boys: The Tribe and the upcoming Lost Boys 3. Warner Premiere also released Trick ‘r Treat and The Hills Run Red. But that’s just speculation on my part. I can’t see WB pumping money into this story again…

Source: Moviehole