2015 Oscar Predictions: First Look at the Best Supporting Actress Category


2015 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress
Patricia Arquette in Boyhood
Photo: IFC Films

Considering I have 23 contenders in my 2015 Oscar predictions for Best Supporting Actress at this moment and the fact I’ve only seen two of the movies those 23 actresses star in, I think it’s safe to say these are rather wild spit-ball predictions at this moment. However, we have to start somewhere and in that sense, it’s probably no surprise one of the two performances I’ve actually seen tops my first look at the category.

At #1 I have Patricia Arquette for her performance in Boyhood. It’s a pick many will probably consider ridiculous considering IFC hardly has a budget to mount a serious Oscar campaign, but this is a film and a performance we can keep alive as fans of the film. Critics, commenters and film fans alike can help show support for what will undoubtedly be one of the best performances of the year. Will it be the best in the end? That’s obviously up in the air.

Following her I have Felicity Jones whose resume shows an impressive amount of growth in her work and perhaps her part in The Theory of Everything will earn her her first Oscar nomination.

Sitting at #3 I have a personal favorite of mine when it comes to current actresses in Emily Blunt who proved once again she can stand toe-to-toe opposite anyone in Edge of Tomorrow earlier this year, but I must admit I have some trepidation including her so high for Into the Woods as director Rob Marshall hasn’t exactly been firing on all cylinders ever since that impressive debut with Chicago. Was that film a fluke? We’ll see and if so, can Blunt stand out the way Penélope Cruz did in Nine?

The fourth position belongs to Keira Knightley who plays Joan Clarke in The Imitation Game, one of three high-profile World War II films that will be jockeying for Oscar position. Perhaps if all three can’t land Best Picture noms, maybe those that miss out will find traction in the performances of the respective casts.

Finally, I’m going with Laura Dern in Wild. Dern has been nominated for an Oscar once before (Rambling Rose). Dern plays the mother to Reese Witherspoon‘s character and her scenes will be featured in flashbacks as she passed away, dying of lung cancer at age 45. There’s no telling if she will have a large enough role to resonate throughout the film, but it could serve as a memorable emotional beat to build a campaign around.

Other contenders below the line include Anna Kendrick (Into the Woods), Jennifer Garner (Men, Women and Children), Brie Larson (The Gambler), Emma Stone (Birdman) and Carmen Ejogo (Selma). As always, you can see my full field of 23 contenders right here and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Right now we are so early in the game no amount of spit-balling is crazy so have at it. Perhaps I left someone off the field of 23 that you feel should be included. Let me know!