Box-Office Oracle: Oct. 27 – Oct. 29


#1 movie predicted correctly: Zero Weeks In A Row

1. Saw III $25.3m

I think it will open lower than the second effort because it hasn’t been screened and the buzz is bad. Also, horrors in general seem to be struggling to open huge.

2. The Prestige $9.4m

It will be the best movie on the board as long as it’s on the board. Some silly talkers say the movie directly below is better but they are wrong.

3. The Departed $9.1m

This is the one the silly talkers like. Hey, I myself liked the movie but let’s not make it more than it is because of all the star power.

4. Flags of Our Fathers $6.7m

It’s gaining theatres but probably losing buzz.

5. Running with Scissors $5.2m

This is the hardest movie on the top ten to gauge because it officially opens wide this weekend and last weekend’s small data set is essentially worthless for projection purposes.

6. Open Season $5.1m

Between this and Flicka the closet seems bare for children of the world this weekend.

7. Flicka 3.9m

What about Open Season on Flicka? Now that’s a film with teeth.

8. Man of the Year $3.7

Somehow it’s gaining theatres this weekend. That’s a mystery to me.

9. Marie Antoinette $3.2m

I still need to see this. Someone in the biz told me to see it with the sound off but I’m not sure my cinemeplex will go for this.

10. The Grudge 2 $2.7m

Here’s another horror that underperformed. They are littered all over the landscape but they are budgetary successes. That’s the oddity of the year.

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