DGA Noms Announced


There weren’t exactly any surprises in the choices the Directors Guild made as their nominees for 2004 as the five names were announced early today.

In a press release on the DGA site Directors Guild of America President Michael Apted said, “What makes this award truly meaningful to directors is the knowledge that only this award is decided solely by their peers – the men and women who know the blood, passion, and fear that go into each production,” said Apted. “I offer my hearty congratulations to all the nominees for demonstrating how vision, when combined with skill and talent, creates excellence on the screen.”

So without further ado, the noms are:

If you are looking for predictions this is a tough one considering the quality of all five films and the wide variety of directorial styles displayed. History will play a factor as Eastwood has already won the honor for Unforgiven and Forster and Payne are first time nominees. As for Hackford and Scorsese they have both been nominated before, Hackford for An Officer and a Gentleman and Scorsese for a large list of films; Gangs of New York, The Age of Innocence, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver.

Considering Scorsese has eluded the top prize so many times in the past I am putting my money on him even though he might not be the most deserved.

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