EXCL: LiveMansion: The Movie Winners!


For the first time in history an online community has decided who is going to star in and direct a feature film! Is this a revolution in the making? Is LiveMansion.com going to discover the next Leo or Julia? We don’t know yet but we do know there are eight ecstatic young actors and actresses and one talented young director who just got the biggest break of their lives. They started this journey this past August and have made it through four rounds of voting elimination to land their dream roles and dream job. Today the members of LiveMansion.com have chosen their cast and director and Michael Rapaport is making the official announcement!

The winners of the LiveMansion: The Movie Casting Call and Director Competition are:

Damian Maffei is Jack
Keelen Monahan is Envin
Joe Pacillo is Clyde
Steve Lee is Derek
Julie Wions is Rebecca
Hannah Fierman is MeeGan
LaMyra Kinzer is Janelle
Melissa Roth is Sabrina
Mitch Gettleman – Director

LiveMansion: The Movie is the creation of LiveMansion.com, a social network of film fans, actors, directors, producers and those aspiring to be. Over a thousand actors competed to win one of the eight main roles and over two hundred directors competed to win the rights to direct the film, which will be a thriller. More than 700,000 votes were cast on LiveMansion.com during the process and the story has been reported in Variety, the New York Times, on CNBC, among others. Spike Lee, John Leguizamo and Cara Buono were some of the huge talents who have participated in this groundbreaking filmmaking process. Membership at LiveMansion is free and there are plenty of opportunities to still get involved with the making of the movie. One amazing benefit the site is offering its active members is actual ownership in the film! You can check out all of the details at LiveMansion.com. Check it out now!