Vinyl Review: PROFONDO ROSSO 40th Anniversary Recording By Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN


SHOCK reviews the 40th anniversary PROFONDO ROSSO soundtrack release from Rustblade Records.

Italy’s Rustblade Records keep pumping out beautiful reissues of vintage Italian film soundtracks. Their previous notable horror-centric release was a deluxe tin-box 30th anniversary salute to Claudio Simonetti’s electro-rock score for Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS, a gorgeous collection that, among many other bells and whistles, included a bonus CD of remixes by everyone from SKINNY PUPPY’s Ogre to yours truly.

Now, Rustblade have dialed back the clock another 10 years with their 40th Anniversary, blood-red vinyl release of PROFONDO ROSSO (DEEP RED), Goblin’s celebrated progressive jazz/rock score for Dario Argento’s blistering 1975 giallo. Except, this version of the score isn’t GOBLIN. It’s Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN. Which is kind of GOBLIN, considering Simonetti was one of the founding and driving members of that storied (and troubled) Italian film score supergroup and his signature keyboard sound a major component of the band’s sound. But still, although he has been credited as such and although GOBLIN has been through a myriad lineup changes over the years, Simonetti alone is not GOBLIN.

See, some years back, the splintered GOBLIN got back together in their classic lineup of Massimo Morante (guitar), Fabio Pignatelli (bass), Agustino Marongolo (drums) and Simonetti on keys, for Argento’s 2000 thriller NON HONO SONO (SLEEPLESS) but quickly disbanded due to internal conflict. Then, in 2012, a version of the band that included Morante, Simonetti, auxiliary GOBLIN keyboardist Maurizio Guarini as well as members of Simonetti’s metal band DAEMONIA (Bruno Previtali on bass andd Titta Tani on drums), formed NEW GOBLIN and went on tour, to great acclaim and sold out shows.

But then, they disbanded too.

Simonetti took Previtali and Tani with him and added Federico Amorosi on bass and formed Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN, while Guarini and Morante joined back with Pignatelli and Marangolo and reformed as simply GOBLIN.

Does your head hurt yet?

This brief rundown brings us back to Rustblade’s release of the PROFONDO ROSSO soundtrack, which has indeed been re-recorded, faithfully, by Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN and, as odd as that may seem on the surface (and as politically controversial a move internally as it most assuredly is) the resulting recording is rather fascinating.


Side one rolls out the 4 key cues from the film – the title theme, funky “Death Dies”, the malevolent “Mad Puppet” and the haunting “Deep Shadows” and they’re almost bang on reproductions of the original recordings. There are minor differences however, whether it be because of the more majestic digital recording or because of the actual players themselves. For one, that analog warmth of the original is missing as is that feeling of something organic being birthed. This is a cover version, after all. Also, Amorosi, as talented as he is, isn’t quite as deft of finger as Pignatelli was in 1975 and, especially during the theme, his sound is bit too practiced, less dangerous, less sensual.

Side two is a mash up of live DAEMONIA versions of the PRODONDO ROSSO soundtrack and studio tracks from another Simonetti entity called HORROR PROJECT. Giorgio Gaslini’s chief contribution to the original film soundtrack, the eerie, chanting “School at Night” is covered here in a live track by DAEMONIA and it’s a very cool, heavier version. The fly in the ointment is the cover of the PROFODNO ROSSO theme which, while perfectly awesome in its orchestration, is mixed at an incredibly low level and is at odds with the quality of the rest of the album.

All in all, Claudio Simonetti’s GOBLIN is just as relevant a version of GOBLIN as you’ll find in existence (it should be noted that the “other” GOBLIN just released a new album called “Four of a Kind”) and this release is a strange yet essential sidebar collectors piece for GOBLIN aficionados and obsessives.

And man, is Rustblade’s package sexy…

And you can buy it HERE.


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