Fulci! Simonetti! CONQUEST Soundtrack Comes to Vinyl From Rustblade Records




Italy’s Rustblade Records releases the soundtrack to legendary Lucio Fulci film.


A few weeks ago we were raving about Italian psychotronic splatter Czar Lucio Fulci’s 1983 fantasy film CONQUEST and specifically cited Goblin co-founder Claudio Simonetti’s majestic synth score.

Today, Italy’s Rustblade Records announced their plans to release that wonderful soundtrack for the first time ever on vinyl. And not just vinyl…smoke transparent vinyl! Because if you’ve seen the movie, you know it’s almost ludicrously foggy.

This limited edition (only 499 copies pressed) release contains a wealth of unreleased material never before heard as well as a poster.


Here’s the track list:


01. Conquest Main Theme

02. Flutes In The Night

03. Night Creatures

04. Capture

05. Cavern

06. Killer Moles

07. Black Bird

08. Zombies In The Dark

09. Lonely Man


01. Cavern – Claudio Simonetti Remix

02. Funny Hunt

03. Night Creatures – Stefano Rossello Remix

04. Dolphin

05. Night Creatures – Claudio Simonetti Remix

06. Conquest 2016

The album comes out July 29th but you can pre-order your copy now here.



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