10 Halloween Offenders Sam Should Punish in Trick ‘r Treat 2!


With Trick ‘r Treat, Michael Dougherty set out to give rise to a bonafide Halloween mascot, and he did just that with the pumpkin-headed, childlike demon named Sam.

Santa Claus and Krampus rolled into one adorable little package, Sam is essentially the protector of Halloween, punishing all who disrespect and just generally sour the fun of the historic holiday. And isn’t that what we love about him?

Officially announced around this time last year was an impending sequel to my personal favorite Halloween horror film, and though we haven’t heard a peep about the project in some time, it’s hard not to be excited about the continuing adventures of the pint-sized creature in the orange onesie.

We can be pretty sure that Sam will once again be dishing out sweet Halloween justice in Trick ‘r Treat 2, punishing the naughty with a whole lot more than coal in their candy pail. And honestly, my smile is lighting up with jack-o’-lantern glee just thinking about it.

To tide you over until we have more news to report about the sequel, let’s have a little Trick ‘r Treat-inspired fun. Here are 10 people I’d love to see Sam kill in Trick ‘r Treat 2!


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