6 Times Universal’s Classic Movie Monsters Became Superheroes

Much has been written over the weekend about a recent roundtable discussion that was published within the Hollywood Reporter recently. During the talk, Universal’s Donna Langley explained the studio’s vision for the upcoming reboot of the classic movie monsters. Needless to say, monster kids and horror fans were not happy.

“We don’t have any capes [in our film library],” Langley said.

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The 10 Most Tragic Deaths from the Nightmare on Elm Street Legacy

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and its antagonist, Freddy Krueger. A child-killing psychopath who was burned alive by vengeful parents only to return to take his revenge through the dreams of their now teenaged children.

Many of the deaths were fantastical of course, but some were crueler than others. Those are the ones that stick in my mind because they didn

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8 Times Freddy Krueger Wasn’t Played by Robert Englund in the Nightmare on Elm…

When you hear the name Freddy Krueger, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely another name: Robert Englund.
One of the things that makes Freddy unique in the world of horror villains is that he was always played by Englund, in each and every film of the original Nightmare on Elm Street franchise – and even in Freddy’s long awaited cinematic battle with Jason Voorhees. Well, for the most part, at least…

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30th Anniversary: My Terrifying First Encounter With A Nightmare On Elm Street

“Time to go to sleep.” Those ominous words preceded my introduction to A Nightmare on Elm Street nearly 30 years ago. My father, having borrowed a VCR, rented Wes Craven’s seminal 1984 horror film on the day it was released on VHS. He was a savvy horror fan and had obviously read about the film – why he missed it in theaters is unknown to me. I’ll just chalk it up to being the father of two youngsters and he was unable to escape the house for an evening when the movie opened wide in theaters on November 16, 1984. Alright, I’ll take the blame. Regardless, he was finally catching up to it. My mother was turning in for the night, my little sister was passed out in her bed and it was my turn to head to my bedroom while my father looked forward to indulging in some horror movies.

Editorial: The Three Major Problems With American Horror Story Today

In last week’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, a bratty, privileged character named “Dandy” donned a clown costume and mask and stalked his sassy, unimpressed maid (played by Patti LaBelle). The whole thing was a choreographed rip-off of the opening of John Carpenter’s Halloween.

You know the POV shot, I don’t need to describe it for you if you’re reading this site.

I sat there at first thinking “Heh, neat.” But then the thought dawned on me: I get very annoyed when filmmakers “borrow from the best” – mostly out of nostalgia – and I don’t cut them slack, so why am I giving American Horror Story a pass?

Greatest Movie Death: The Terminator

The (very belated) “death” of the T-800 in The Terminator (1984) – I know this is not strictly a human death but it lingered in the consciousness long after the film had finished.

I saw the film on VHS in 1986 and had NO IDEA what the story was about or even if the guy from Conan The Barbarian was gonna play a good guy or a bad guy (NB – back then, it took anywhere from a year to 18 months for a cinema film to come out on video in the UK).

10 Fun New Products for the 2014 Halloween Season!

One of the great joys of the Halloween season is seeing all the new products that companies roll out in celebration, from masks to costumes, decorations to unique foods and beverages.

Ghostbusters donuts, anyone?!

As we fast approach the best day of the year, we wanted to shine the spotlight today on ten choice products from this year’s Halloween haul, with a particular focus on the new masks, costumes and decorations that 2014 has provided us with.

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Editorial: In Defense of the Sexy Halloween Costume

It’s that time of year again. The weather’s cooling, jack-o-lanterns are being placed proudly in front of houses like glowing badges of honor, haunted attractions are booming, and bloggers are dictating what costume is and is not okay to wear. By this point, I’ve lost track of how many posts I’ve read belittling women who wear provocative clothing on Halloween night. Men and women of all ages seem to be infuriated at the idea of a woman using one of the biggest party nights of the year as an excuse to dress up and let loose, despite how many times some of those same exact women have worn revealing outfits every other night of the year. For some reason, Halloween seems to bring out hatred just as much as it does nostalgia in people. After all of the rampant lecturing, I felt that it was time for someone to come along and defend the sexy Halloween costume.

Editorial: Vampires is the Best John Carpenter Film of the ’90s

Twenty-two years after John Carpenter exploded onto the scene with his Western-esque siege classic Assault on Precinct 13, he was finally given the chance to use his glorious widescreen compositions and cigar-chomping tough guy leads to make what he was born to make: A MOTHERFUCKING HORROR WESTERN. Audiences should have eaten it up, but they didn’t. In fact, I am regularly ridiculed for not only thinking that Vampires is a damn fine movie, but the best Carpenter movie since his back-to-back low budget gut punches of Prince of Darkness and They Live. Everyone claims that Vampires is just plain bad. I’m here to argue that the movie isn’t bad – it’s the definition of badass.

15 Great Opening Scenes in Horror

The opening of a horror film may be the most important in the film barring the ending, of course. It sets the tone and hooks the audience. If done right, it buys the director or writer time to build character and set up situations.

In recent years, this art has been all but lost, studios instead going for the

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