Latest Muck Trailer Pushes Its 4K Horrors


file_176855_0_muckWe last heard from the indie horror production, Muck, last summer. Since then, the film has been seeking distribution and screening to potential buyers.

Today, a new trailer has come our way. This one came with some praise for the fact that it was shot in Ultra HD. Says an email: "Muck brings back old school horror with "cutting edge" Ultra HD technology. Maybe a bad choice of words for the kids caught in the marsh. Filled with practical effects and incredible stunts without any CGI, Muck is a dark and twisted '80s throwback that comes complete with the scary and sexy one-two punch of horror legend Kane Hodder and Playboy Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg. And it's coming in "Bloody Stunning" 4K / Ultra HD. Shot in native 4K, Muck will be the first horror film both shot and released in 4K / Ultra HD."

Okay, the technical stuff is all well and good, but the film has to deliver on story, characters and scares. What do you think about the latest trailer? Think it's going to deliver the goods?

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