Paramount+ Schedule Additions: New TV & Movies Arriving July 25-31

The fifth season of The Loud House is coming to Paramount+ on July 27.

The streaming service is adding The Loud House Season 5 to its content starting next Wednesday. Lincoln and his ten sisters will return with new adventures. Now that they have all aged a year, the Loud siblings have to deal with new challenges. Season 5 consists of 26 episodes. It first aired on Sept. 11, 2020, and wrapped up on March 4, 2022. Season 6 is currently ongoing since its premiere on March 11.

“In season five, Lincoln and his friends graduate elementary school and face new challenges and adventures as they tackle the trials and tribulations of middle school, each sister moves up a grade and Lori decides if she’s ready to leave home for college.”

The voice cast includes Asher Bishop as Lincoln, CatTaber as Lori, Liliana Mumy as Leni, Nika Futterman as Luna, Cristina Pucelli as Luan, Jessica DiCicco as Lynn & Lucy, Grey Griffin as Lana, Lola & Lucy, Lara Jill Miller as Lisa, Brian Stepanek as Lynn Sr., Jill Talley as Rita, Andre Robinson as Clyde, Carlos PenaVega as Bobby, and Izabella Alvarez as Ronnie Anne.

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Paramount+ subscribers will also access 1976’s The Town that Dreaded Sundown starting Sunday, July 31. Charles B. Pierce directed the thriller movie written by Earl E. Smith. The story loosely follows the series of crimes that a mysterious killer known as the Phantom Killer committed in 1946, the so-called Texarkana Moonlight Murders. The cast includes Ben Johnson, Andrew Prine, and Dawn Wells.

Paramount+ New TV & Movie Additions | July 25-31

What to Watch on Paramount+ on July 27

  • Betch (Seasons 1 – 4)
  • My Dead Ex (Season 1)
  • The Loud House (Season 5)

What to Watch on Paramount+ on July 31

  • The Town that Dreaded Sundown


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