Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 6 Recap


Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Last week’s episode of Better Call Saul opened with a scene set during one of Saul Goodman’s final days on Breaking BadBetter Call Saul season 4 episode 6 began with another flashback to an era we’ve rarely seen: Jimmy’s stint in the HHM mailroom alongside Kim.

When He Was Good

Way back in 1993, Jimmy and Kim set up an Oscar pool for HHM. However, their playful banter was interrupted by Jimmy’s older brother, Chuck McGill. Chuck wowed the office by winning a seemingly unwinnable court case thanks to his arcane knowledge of the law. Kim was particularly impressed, and Chuck found a way to embarrass Jimmy by pointing out a verbal slip he made while congratulating his brother. Realizing that Kim’s destiny would take her out of the mailroom, Jimmy stole some time to peruse HHM’s law library.

In the present, Mike apologized to Stacy about his comments during their last therapy session. Stacy accepted Mike’s response, and she allowed him to remain involved with raising his granddaughter.

Wexler and McGill

Jimmy was obsessed with the idea of restarting Wexler and McGill with Kim. So much so that Kim found several versions of their logo which Jimmy had sketched out. However, Kim had her own plans for the future. Kim sought out Schweikart and Cokely and convinced them to let her join the firm as a partner. That would allow Kim to hand off the Mesa Verde work to associates while she focused on pro-bono cases. Kim told Jimmy that it was what she is really passionate about. Jimmy did not take the news well, and he briefly excused himself to come to terms with it. Jimmy then encouraged Kim to take the position.

Later, Jimmy was appalled by the sad state of HHM. He gave Howard a forceful message to get him out of his funk, before collecting his $5,000 from Chuck’s estate. Jimmy used his newfound funds to buy a palate of burner phones to sell on the streets.

Story Time With Gus

Gus visited Hector in the hospital and shared a lengthy monologue with the man he hates. Gus recalled a fruit tree he nurtured as a child, and his anger when a coati ate the tree’s fruit. With fiendish delight, Gus recounted how he captured the coati and left it alive in a cage to suffer. It was meant to be a metaphor for Hector’s fate at Gus’ hands, and it will probably be on Giancarlo Esposito’s next Emmy reel.

Mike made the arrangements to house Werner Ziegler’s crew in comfort while they built the Super Lab under secretive conditions. However, Mike quickly identified a potential troublemaker on Ziegler’s team.

Slammin’ Jimmy

Before Jimmy could get back to selling burner phones to criminals on the street, he had to settle up with the three teenage punks who attacked him. Jimmy approached the teens and offered them $100 a night to leave him alone. When they attempted to rob him again, Jimmy led them into a trap where two armed and masked men were waiting. The teens were taken to a piñata store where they were threatened to be used as piñatas themselves. Although Jimmy may have been bluffing, he let the teens believe that he would have them beaten if they crossed him again. It was a very convincing performance. Almost too convincing…

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