Insatiable Season 1 Recap


Insatiable Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Insatiable Season 1 Recap

The first season of Netflix’s Insatiable was a bit of a wild ride. The show is full of zany characters, all with their own motivations and journeys this season. To mark the end of the season, we’re dropping the ultimate Insatiable recap to unpack the major character arcs of the season.


Every time it seemed Patty was ready to do the right thing, she decided to do the selfish thing instead. Patty didn’t learn much from her revenge plan against John. As soon as she started dating Brick, she dropped him for Christian until he creeped her out too much. It was no wonder she thought she was possessed or that the teratoma in her was causing her good/evil swings. She had to face the fact that there was no one to blame for her poor decisions but herself. By the end of the season, her long list of sins included two murders.

The Bobs

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Armstrong’s destiny was intertwined with Patty’s. Twice to bookend the season, he had a gun in his mouth, and both times, it was a phone call from Patty that kept him from pulling the trigger. When Armstrong first encountered Patty, all he wanted was to make her a pageant queen. But when Stella Rose tried to take pageants away from Bob out of revenge, he robbed her of the satisfaction.

Barnard antagonized Armstrong at every turn. He was Armstrong’s nemesis until he revealed his secret feelings for him. He had been in love with Armstrong since they were teenagers. And the Barnards’ seemingly perfect marriage was far from it. He fathered Roxy and paid Stella Rose to keep it quiet.

Nonnie and the Gang

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Nonnie faced her feelings for Patty. She questioned her sexual identity and started a relationship with Dee. Donald went from store clerk/witness/pervert to the third friend with surprisingly good advice. Magnolia bounced between mean girl to sweet girl and dealt with drug and alcohol abuse. And Dixie and her mother Regina were predictably antagonistic at every turn.

Angie and Coralee

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Angie did her best to stay sober. For her, being a good mother meant leaving town on her daughter’s birthday. I’m still not sure about this decision.

Coralee’s ambition was central to her story this season. First, she wanted to get back into high society’s good graces. By the end, she wanted to be successful for herself and start her own business with Tampazzle.

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