Insatiable Season 1 Episode 1 Recap


Insatiable Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Though Netflix’s Insatiable has been discussed and debated on the web for its controversial message and story, the show has only just dropped its 12 episodes today. Come along with me while I watch and recap each Insatiable episode!

Screw Those B*****s

Patty is a Drew Barrymore obsessed high school student who gets bullied for being overweight. After an upsetting rejection from Brick Armstrong, Patty encountered a homeless man, who called her Fatty and tried to take her chocolate bar. She punched him and broke his nose, but he punched her right back and broke her jaw.

Pretty Girls Don’t Have to Settle

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Three months later, the homeless man is suing Patty. Bob Armstrong, lawyer, pageant coach, and father to Brick, took Patty’s case pro bono. Falsely accused of molesting pageant client Dixie Sinclair and disgraced, Armstrong had little choice. However, Patty is thin and beautiful now after having her jaw wired shut for 3 months. Her beauty queen potential mesmerized Armstrong, and he ditched his plea agreement strategy, planning to argue self-defense and file a motion to dismiss. Patty sees Armstrong as a white knight and a kindred spirit and becomes infatuated with him.

Bob Barnard, Armstrong’s nemesis, was on the other side of the case, and he dropped a bomb, saying he has an eyewitness, Donald the gas station clerk. Inspired by Drew Barrymore in The Amy Fisher Story, she sought out Donald and made out with him.

Silent But Deadly Killer

Coralee Armstrong, Bob’s wife, hosted a gala for anal cancer. Patty showed up and told off Dixie and her mother Regina for the false accusations against Bob. Regina, obsessed with destroying Bob, hired private investigator Chase to follow him.

Patty arrived at the Armstrongs’ to prepare for when she’ll take the stand. Bob told her she is playing the damsel. Bob told her she is beautiful inside and out and was the first person in a while to believe in him. Unfortunately, Chase was there to snap a picture and send it to Regina.

“The Best Revenge Is a Life Well-Lived”

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

In court, Donald said he doesn’t remember what happened, and Patty successfully convinced the judge she was acting in self-defense. A glimmer of the show’s intended message came through when Patty asked Barnard if he believed she deserved what happened just because she was fat.

The judge dismissed the case, but Patty wanted to file a counter-suit against the homeless man, hungry for revenge. He offered to coach her for pageants, but Angie, Patty’s mother, didn’t approve.

Screw Magnolia

Armstrong ran into Magnolia, Barnard’s daughter, who wanted to hire him to piss off her father. She invited him over to talk strategy. When he arrived, Magnolia asked him to her room to show him her wardrobe for Miss Magic Jesus. While changing in front of him, Chase the P.I. took more photos.

What Would Drew Barrymore Do?

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

At Angie’s support meeting, a man named John told his story. Patty realized it’s the homeless guy, and she planned to sleep with him and then reject him. At a motel room, John, unchanged despite his story, drunkenly fell asleep. Infuriated she lost her chance, Patty grabbed a chocolate bar and turned on the TV. Firestarter (yes, with Drew Barrymore) is on, and she stopped herself. Patty dumped liquor on John and grabbed his match book.

Bob had hit rock bottom, but Patty’s call stopped him. She hadn’t set John on fire. Instead, she had decided to take his advice about revenge and told him she’s in on the pageants, despite her mom’s disapproval.

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