Insatiable Season 1 Episode 5 Recap


Insatiable Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of Netflix’s Insatiable, Patty had won a pageant and qualified for Miss Magic Jesus. She had a crown, but someone was trying to keep her from bigger titles.

Who Would Hack Patty’s Phone?

The entire school’s phones blew up with Dixie nudes, and it looked like Patty was the source. But she wasn’t, leading Donald to conclude that someone hacked her phone. The incident meant she was disqualified from Miss Magic Jesus for cyberbullying.

Another Dragon to Slay

Armstrong found the necklace with a note from Coralee saying she’s gone and will call when she is ready. He confronted Patty before school, and Patty explained she only wanted to hurt Coralee. She hadn’t thought of how it would hurt Armstrong. She’s impulsive like that. After Armstrong’s departure, Brick revealed his lack of relationship with his father to Patty and apologized for blowing her off. Throughout the episode, Brick and Patty developed a friendship.

A Deal with the Devil

Armstrong’s newest client was Christian, who was busted with drugs. Coralee sent Christian and his mom to Armstrong. Mrs. Keene asked him to throw the case since she was convinced Christian was guilty and wanted him to face consequences. Coralee wanted Armstrong to do something unethical to prove that he was serious about making things right. And Armstrong agreed. Unfortunately, Christian convinced Patty that he could find out who hacked her phone. He knew Armstrong’s plan so he needed Patty to change his mind in exchange. However, Christian had exaggerated his abilities, proving his lead to be a dead end.

Bikini Dog Wash

Magnolia offered to help Patty get back into the Miss Magic Jesus organizers’ good graces. Patty would investigate who hacked her phone and work on her PR. Magnolia would help Patty organize a bikini dog wash to benefit an eating disorder center. The only problem with a bikini dog wash for Patty was the bikini. Despite being thin now, she still had body and self-esteem issues. While trying some on, Nonnie found her in the dressing room stall crying.

Orange Is the New Bob

Dixie and Regina had hacked Patty’s phone and sent Dixie’s nudes. Regina had traded sexual favors with a fellow inmate who was a cyber-terrorist. The only way to get the cyber-terrorist to point the finger at Regina was a makeover from Armstrong. With that solved, all Patty needed was the philanthropy cred.

LGBTQ to the Rescue

Patty and Magnolia’s event looked like it would be a success. But, Dixie sabotaged the bikini dog wash by adding bacon fat to the tanning oil. Without teenage girls in bikinis, who was going to wash all those dogs? Brick showed up with drag queens in bikinis and their LGBTQ friends since he had been doing community service at the LGBTQ Center. Nonnie asked a lesbian when she knew she was gay, and Patty had a heart-to-heart with a trans woman as they bonded over their bikini and body insecurities.

Brick outright dismissed Magnolia as the reason for saving the day. Instead, he did it all for Patty. Brick asked her out and kissed her in full view of Nonnie and Magnolia.

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