Insatiable Season 1 Episode 3 Recap


Insatiable Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the second episode of Netflix’s Insatiable, Patty had narrowly escaped going down for murder and arson. This next episode however is a little lighter in tone and stakes, introducing Patty to the world of pageants.

Out of Control

To familiarize Patty with pageants, Armstrong took her to Alabama where he could use his connections for backstage access. He felt Patty was out of control, as evidenced by what had happened in the previous episode. He had planned the trip in part to get advice from his mentor on how to handle her.

Miss Bareback Buckaroo

In Alabama, Patty met Stella Rose, the director of the Miss Bareback Buckaroo pageant and Armstrong’s former mentor. Patty befriended reigning queen Roxie, but her friendliness in the competitive world of pageants made her behavior awfully suspicious.

Road Trip

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

An unlikely group of Dixie, Nonnie, and Donald drove to Alabama to spy on Armstrong and Patty. Donald pointed out Nonnie’s jealousy, and Dixie admitted to them that Regina had made up the accusations against Armstrong. Donald and Dixie hooked up on the way when they realized they had been using the same disturbing app called Teen Roulette.

Wild Mustang

Stella Rose suggested that she and Armstrong play “good cop, bad cop” with Patty in an effort to tame her out of control ways. But it was all part of Stella Rose’s plan to turn Patty against Armstrong and steal her away. Armstrong figured it out pretty quickly and confronted Stella Rose in her hotel room. But he was not prepared for Stella Rose’s advances, and it became clear they had a romantic history.

The Walk

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

When Armstrong asked Patty to do her pageant walk, it was a disaster. Throughout the episode, Armstrong gave Patty chores that she resented to see if she could follow directions. Really, it was the old Mr. Miyagi trick to help her with her walk. Unfortunately, Patty did not get the reference.

“There’s a Reason I Left that Trailer Park”

Insatiable Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Back in Georgia, Coralee’s sister Brandylynn and her kids surprised her with a visit. Coralee wasn’t always so refined, and it was Armstrong who had made her over from the trailer park girl that she was. But Brandylynn’s sudden appearance forced her to face her past. When Barnard came over after Coralee cancelled an event, he insinuated her sister was trailer trash. It appeared Coralee’s crush on him had now fizzled out. This revelation has helped to explain Coralee’s obsession with status, and she is becoming my favorite character so far.

A S*** Ton of Crawfish

The episode came to a head when Patty realized Stella Rose and Roxie were using her. To deal with her feelings by stuffing her face, she entered a crawfish eating contest. Midway through the contest, Armstrong arrived, and to prove that he understood her, he joined the contest and won. Afterwards, he confronted Stella Rose who revealed to him that she had been sizing up her competition. She would be coaching Roxie for Miss American Lady, which Patty would be competing in.

When Patty confronted her, Stella Rose revealed her past affair with Armstrong, handing over an engraved necklace from him as proof. Stella Rose knew Patty was in love with Armstrong. Patty realized it was ammunition to break up Armstrong’s marriage so she could have him to herself.

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