Preacher Episode 2.10 Annotations: Everyone’s Got Dirty Little Secrets


Preacher Episode 2.10 Annotations: Everyone's Got Dirty Little Secrets

Preacher episode 2.10 annotations: Everyone’s got dirty little secrets

Welcome back brothers and sisters to our weekly feature, the Preacher Book Club, where we talk about the latest episode of AMC‘s Preacher, dissecting the episode at hand, annotating the changes made from the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon comic book series and attempting to predict about what will be coming next. So let’s dive right into our thoughts and annotations on Preacher Episode 2.10!

Yep, that’s Jesus

As previously mentioned, in the context of Preacher, Jesus fathered a child before he died (or rather, after in the comics) and the opening sex scene does a great job of hiding the fact that it’s the man himself until the end of the scene. This exact sequence was never shown in the source but it’s a good way to expand on the material for the series and offers a great opportunity for later…

Jesse and The Grail

Picking up where last week left off, Jesse and Herr Starr have a unique encounter which Jesse sees as an opportunity to get information on God but instead learns more about The Grail. While not exactly how this sort of thing played out in the source material, in fact it’s Cassidy that Herr Starr explains the entire purpose of The Grail to in the comics, but it’s similar enough here that it works. I do love the inclusion of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Grail in the comics has most powerful figures in the world in their pocket in some way so this is a good way of acknowledging it.


The Seraphim

The Archbishop, when explaining to Jesse what happened with God, cites The Seraphim as having started a Coup d’état, which is not accurate about his reasoning for leaving but is accurate about the current situation in heaven. Once God leaves, the warrior angels take over, though without the heavenly father they’re mostly powerless to fill his shoes. There’s also the matter of the Seraphim that was the father of Genesis, cast down to Earth after fornicating with a demon. Jesse will likely run into him by season’s end.

The Messiah

I cannot believe they went there, honestly. As I pointed out a few weeks ago, The Grail’s master plan is to use the actual descendant of Jesus Christ to take over the world in its darkest hour, and now we see him in all of his inbred glory. The actor that played Jesus also takes on this role and does as great of a job with it as one could given how over the top it is in the source material. It’s worth noting that the name he is called in the series, “Humperdoo,” is the character’s catchphrase in the comic books.

The Allfather

When Jesse and Herr Starr arrive at The Grail base someone mentions that The Allfather was not expecting them. Who they’re referring to is Allfather D’Aronique, the formal leader of The Grail and a man so colossally overweight that the organization frequently repairs buildings and airplanes due tot he damage he causes simply be being occupied in them. If the show was capable of pulling off The Messiah like they were I have no doubts they could do something with him too.

You can watch previews for next week’s episode below!