Preacher Season 3 Episode 7 Recap


Preacher Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

The third season of Preacher is rapidly heading towards its endgame, as the Grail returned to Angelville to get Jesse Custer away from “Gran’ma” Marie L’Angelle. Of course, Herr Starr just wanted to get Jesse under his control, but he’s not the only one with ambitions for Genesis’ power.

Meet David Hitler

Remember the way that Preacher season 2 briefly tried to convince us that Hitler’s time in Hell had changed him for the better? The newly renamed “David Hitler” finally reappeared this season, and he was once again trying to build up a new Reich while working in a sub shop. Eugene and his captor, the Saint of Killers, caught up to Hitler, and the Saint quickly began dragging both of his charges back towards Hell. It seems kind of strange to call the episode “Hitler” when he only appeared in the teaser scene.

Vampire Bromance

Aside from Eugene, Eccarius came off as the purest heart on the show and he went all out to make Cassidy feel at home with his vampire cult. So you know that’s not going to last! Between the matching coffins, girls, and a well-timed assist against a hilarious team of Catholic vampire hunters, Eccarius has offered Cassidy everything that he could possibly want…including love and romance. Yes, Eccarius was simply too good to be true. And the reality is that Eccarius has been killing his own followers shortly after turning them. How long will it be before Cassidy’s new partner turns on him as well?

Soul Happy Go Go

Back home at Angelville, Jesse successfully brokered a deal between Herr Starr and L’Angelle that will temporarily free him from her grasp. In return, L’Angelle wanted all of the souls that Starr can provide from Soul Happy Go Go, the Japanese company that’s nearly cornered the market on extracting souls. To fulfill his end of the bargain, Starr sent Featherstone to Japan along with Tulip and Jody to steal all of the souls that L’Angelle requires.

Too bad Tulip and Featherstone have already escalated their feud to the next level. Featherstone also appeared to be envious of Tulip’s emotional bond with Jesse. Featherstone’s attempt to elicit a similar response from Starr went absolutely nowhere.

“What’s a Genesis?”

Tulip and Featherstone said a little bit too much in front of T.C., and now L’Angelle knows about Genesis, the hybrid being that gives Jesse his “word of God” powers. Naturally, Herr Starr was somewhat wary about empowering Jesse again, since he knows Jesse will likely betray him at his earliest opportunity. Even a mutual promise between the two men didn’t assuage their distrust for each other. Starr also warned Jesse that he’ll have to kill Allfather D’Aronique before he can reclaim his soul. Seconds later, Starr pulled a gun on Jesse and presented him as a captive to the Allfather himself.

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