Preacher Season 3 Episode 8 Recap


Preacher Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Was Jesse Custer chosen to host Genesis for a higher purpose? Or is he simply a mistake that can be replicated? That’s the question at hand in the eighth episode of Preacher season 3. In the last episode, Jesse made an alliance with his grandmother, Madame L’Angelle, and Herr Starr to restore his soul and regain his Word of God powers. Unfortunately, Grandma now knows about Genesis, and she’s about to make her power play.

“Here’s Satan!”

Madame L’Angelle called Satan, and he came to visit her and inquire about how soon she will join him. It seems that L’Angelle made a pact with Satan years ago to stay alive and young as long as she devoured souls. The price was that she would belong to Satan when she died. However, L’Angelle felt she had the leverage to push for a new deal that would ensure her survival while casting Tulip into Hell. She told the dark lord about Genesis, and Satan clearly had plans to use that power for himself. To get it, Satan sent one of his operatives to Earth in order to capture Tulip and use her as leverage against Jesse.

The Tom/Brady

Sadly, Jesse had his own problems at the Grail’s headquarters. After an impressive and hilarious action sequence, the Allfather proved to be more difficult to kill than either Jesse or Herr Starr had realized. The Allfather even had a plan to separate Genesis from Jesse’s body by placing it within Humperdoo, the inbred messiah. After Genesis once again proved to be explosive, the experiments continued with a session of cloned Humperdoos. Once a combination serum of Thomas Jefferson and Wayne Brady created just the right amount of good and evil in Humperdoo’s body, the Allfather had him executed in preparation for the real Humperdoo to receive Genesis.

Fangs For the Memories

Hoover’s attempt to capture Cassidy once again backfired, leaving him at the mercy of his target and the would-be vampire cult of Eccarius. Although Cassidy and the cult voted in favor of killing Hoover, Eccarius suggested showing him mercy if he submitted to becoming a vampire. After some hesitation, Hoover allowed Cassidy to turn him. However, Cassidy became increasingly suspicious when Lisa, the young woman whom he recently turned, didn’t return his phone calls. Cassidy eventually discovered evidence that Eccarius killed Lisa and the other newly turned vampires, and he deduced that their deaths gave Eccarius his enhanced powers.

Before Eccarius could execute Hoover, Cassidy confronted him…and he was promptly knocked out. But the confusion gave Hoover the opportunity to run away. Presumably not to the Grail, since Starr was indifferent to Hoover’s survival and he actually told the vampires to “kill him.”

Highway To Hell

In Japan, Tulip, Featherstone, and TC went under cover as Grail officers who had been sent to instruct the staff about sexual misconduct. They successfully stole hundreds of souls and remained largely undetected. However, Satan’s agent tracked Tulip down. Tulip quickly convinced her would-be captor that Featherstone was her true target. However, TC reluctantly told Tulip that Featherstone was being sent to Hell with all of the souls they had stolen.

Hitler, Eugene, and the Saint of Killers were at a bus stop waiting for a ride back to Hell when Satan’s agent arrived with Featherstone. Hitler used the reprieve to borrow Featherstone’s phone and send a SOS out to his remaining loyal followers.

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