Preacher Season 3 Episode 9 Recap


Preacher Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Preacher‘s penultimate hour of the season has arrived, and it may be the wildest installment of 2018. Last week’s episode revealed that Jesse Custer was in real danger of losing Genesis and his life to the grotesque Allfather and his hand-picked messiah, Humperdoo. Amazingly, Preacher season 3 episode 9 resolved most of that cliffhanger before the opening credits!

Messiah Complex

Jesse realized that he was down to his final gambit, but he managed to trick the Allfather into setting him free just long enough to fight for his life. Allfather proved to be considerably more formidable than his men, and he had the funniest line of the episode when he learned about Herr Starr’s betrayal. “Then he shall know my buttocks as few men ever have.” Classic. Allfather’s end was fittingly disgusting as he briefly gained Genesis and exploded into a pile of guts.

Herr Starr’s return set up a fight with Jesse to get the vial of his soul from Allfather’s disembodied anus, and rekindled their rivalry. Jesse reclaimed both his soul and the power of Genesis, before briefly contemplating Humperdoo’s murder. If Jesse allowed Humperdoo to live, the Grail would use him to set off the apocalypse. But he couldn’t simply kill Humberdoo. Jesse eventually came up with a solution, and let Humperdoo and his numerous clones out in the world. He also told Starr “no more hats” while using Genesis, much to Starr’s dismay.

The Featherstone Redemption

Tulip and Jody caught up with the Angel of Death at the bus stop before she took Featherstone to Hell. Tulip actually managed to make the Angel of Death back down and return the suitcase of souls they took from Japan. And yet Tulip couldn’t simply leave it at that and let Featherstone burn in her name. Just as Tulip told the Angel that Featherstone wasn’t who she thought, Eugene outed Tulip. And so, Tulip ended up on the long bus ride to Hell alongside Eugene, Hitler, the Angel, and the Saint of Killers. Jody felt just a slight twinge of guilt for not helping Tulip escape, but Featherstone had no regrets. She simply wanted to get back to Herr Starr.

Love Bites

Poor Cassidy. Eccarius once again offered Cassidy happiness and a place by his side, but Cassidy defiantly chose sadness and death over him. Cassidy drew a moral line in the coffin, and it cost him dearly. Eccarius allowed Cassidy a chance to warn his followers, but none of them believed Cassidy. Instead, Eccarius turned the charges around on Cassidy and accused him of murdering Hoover. Unable to overpower Eccarius, Cassidy ended up being crucified on a pool table as the sunlight slowly approached. While Cassidy couldn’t convince Mrs. Rosen to free him, she may still be his last hope to escape.

Setting Off a Bomb

Speaking of escape, Tulip, Eugene, and Hitler tried a few different ways to get off of the Bus of the Damned. Tensions were high between Hitler and Eugene, and Tulip’s initial attempts came up short. Using Eugene’s ridiculous idea about a bomb as inspiration, Tulip provoked the Angel and the Saint until she was hit hard enough to crack one of the bus windows. But before Tulip could use the weakened window to her advantage, Hitler tried it first. It didn’t do him any good, as his Nazi buddies finally arrived and knocked the bus off course with a tank. Tulip and Eugene survived the crash, but they probably won’t be any safer in the hands of Hitler’s new Nazis.

Back in Angelville,  Madame L’Angelle prepared for Jesse’s attempt to kill her just as he arrived home to finish what he started.

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