Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s Euphoria, Rue called Ali after kissing Jules, and Kat started camming. In Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4, Rue and Jules reunited at the carnival, while Maddy and Cassie caused trouble on molly.

Where’s Gia?

Rue arrived at the carnival with Gia and Lexi. Jules had been riding rides with Kat but ditched her when she saw Rue. They hugged and promised each other they would forget what happened. Gia told Lexi she thinks Rue is in love with Jules. Rue and Jules left, while Gia went off to see her friends, leaving Lexi alone.

Leslie called Rue to make sure she and Gia got home by 10. Rue realized she didn’t know where Gia was, and Jules helped her look. As they were running out of time, they split up. Rue found Gia smoking weed with Troy and Roy. Gia refused to leave with her at first, but when one of the twins brought up Rue’s overdose, they went home. Rue had Gia go straight to bed, since she was still stoned, while she smoothed things over with their mom.

“Just Chillin’”

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Maddy showed up at the carnival in a provocative outfit. Nate told her to go home and change because her parents already don’t like her. At Cal’s chili booth, Nate asked McKay if Cassie was his girlfriend, and he downplayed them as “just chillin’”. After an argument with McKay, Cassie found Maddy in the process of buying molly. They both took some and convinced each other to do vengeful things. Cassie found a guy to ride the carousel with, and she got overzealous with the pole, to her immediate embarrassment.

Maddy went to the chili booth, knocked over the pot of chili, and called Nate’s mother a nasty word. In private, Nate threatened Maddy and choked her, leaving marks. Maddy confronted him about the pictures of penises on his phone. Nate asked her to forgive him and claimed he was going through a hard time.

After Jules had left her, Kat hung out with Ethan. She saw him talking to a pretty, slender girl and thought that he was flirting with her. The girl just wanted him to pass a message to his sister. She sought out Luke Kasten, an older guy with a reputation for sleeping with all the girls in his class. She had sex with him and told him he hadn’t satisfied her.

Blackmail Material

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

While wandering the carnival, Jules saw and recognized Cal at his booth. She pointed him out to Rue, who didn’t believe her since he was such an influential person in town. Jules went to him to buy chili, and he acted flustered and awkward. Cal saw Jules look back to Rue. He found Jules to beg her not to tell anyone. She promised him that she had no intention of hurting him.

“Tyler” messaged Jules to meet her. When Nate showed up, she was upset. Nate kissed her, but he got aggressive. He had blackmail material on her, since she had knowingly created and distributed child pornography – the nude pictures of herself. If anyone found out, Jules would be on a sex offenders list, and her life would be ruined.

After leaving Nate, Jules went to Rue’s to sleep over, and their cuddling turned to kissing.

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