Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode of HBO’s Euphoria, Jules took care of Rue after she was forced to try Fentanyl, and Kat wanted to explore her sexuality online. In Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3, Rue promised Jules she would stay clean, and Kat found her first paying customer.


Jules had been preoccupied with “Tyler”, Nate’s persona on the gay dating app, inspired by the guy he’d beaten up. Nate seemed to know he was talking to Jules. She, on the other hand, believed she was talking to a jock from a local private school who was different from all the other jocks she knew.

Maddy looked at Nate’s phone while he was in the shower. While she didn’t find the messages that he’d been receiving while they were together, she did come across all the dick pics he’d taken for Jules.

The constant messaging between Jules and “Tyler” bothered Rue. When Jules told Rue that she would be meeting “Tyler” by the lake at night after the carnival, Rue worried for her safety. They got into a fight, and Rue couldn’t handle it. When she and Jules made up, Rue kissed her. Embarrassed, she left for Fezco’s.

60 Days

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

After the Fentanyl incident, Jules told Rue that she didn’t want to be best friends with her if she continued taking drugs. Rue had been doing well and attending her Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

After only two weeks sober, Rue was going to her NA meeting for her 60 days milestone. Beforehand, she’d helped Jules take some partial nude photos to send to “Tyler”. When Jules realized Rue was two weeks sober, she praised Rue and showered her with kisses. Rue got uncomfortable and went downstairs for a glass of water. In the kitchen, she came across some prescription drug bottles and left Jules’s house in a hurry. Rue took some pills and headed to her NA meeting.

After her share, Ali sought her out. He asked her about Gia finding her unconscious when she OD’d. Ali had seen through her speech and known that she wasn’t sober. He gave her his number and asked her to call him when she wanted to be sober. After she kissed Jules, Rue went to Fezco for more drugs. He wouldn’t let her in and refused to sell her anymore drugs, no matter how much she screamed. With nowhere else to turn, Rue called Ali.

Humiliation Kink

Euphoria Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

We learned about Kat’s past, her struggles with her weight, and her secret online celebrity through fanfiction. In the present, she dabbled in camming by posting a video of her dancing in lingerie and a mask. A fan messaged her, offering to pay for a private video chat session. He wanted Kat to shame and humiliate him. If he broke the rules, she could fine him. Kat went to Fezco and Ashtray for advice on accepting payments through Bitcoin. With her earnings and a new sense of confidence, she transformed her look.

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