The Flash Season 5 Episode 21 Recap


The Flash Season 5 Episode 21 Recap

The Flash Season 5 Episode 21 Recap

Time’s up for Thawne in The Flash Season 5 Episode 21. The countdown reaches all zeroes after 15 years of incarceration. The prison guard taunts Thawne before blasting him with red lightning, a taste of what’s to come. The guard says it’s ironic that the very thing that gave Thawne his power is going to be used to execute him.

Best Laid Plans

The Flash Season 5 Episode 21 Recap

The team concludes that if Cicada had everything she needed to use the cryo-atomizer to kill every metahuman in Central City, she would ahve done so already. She hasn’t yet, so she must still be missing something, which gives them a little more time to try and stopher. The team tries to deduce Cicada’s next move, but Cicada gets the drop on them, attacking Central City University, where Sherloque has called on Rene to warn her about Cicada. Cicada feels that Rene is a metahuman and attacks, but Rene uses her telekinetic abilities to deflect the dagger with a park bench. The rest of the team arrives to help, but Cicada gets away. However, Nora realizes that she and Cicada are still mentally connected.

Even Thawne’s Plans Have Plans

The Flash Season 5 Episode 21 Recap

In order to save as many metahumans as possible, Citlin sets up at CCPD to give out cure injections to any who want them. Joe is left in charge of the operation and is quickly overwhelmed when panicked metahumans pour into the station and tempers flare. Back at Star Labs, Ralph tries to piece together Thawne’s plan, saying that none of what has transpired between Thawne and Nora and what has happened since Nora has arrived makes sense.

Nora wants to try and see into Cicada’s head again, even though it means leaving her susceptible to the negative emotions in Grace’s head. Barry and Iris balk at the idea at first, but eventually realize that they need to be helping Nora face the danger, not trying to keep her from it. Using the Thawne Trap, they contain the red lightning that arcs off of Nora when she sees through Cicada’s eyes. Nora tells the team that Cicada is at the CCPD, where hundreds of metahumans have gathered.

A Plan Revealed

The Flash Season 5 Episode 21 Recap

The scene at CCPD is chaos. Sherloque brings Rene to the station for the cure, so she will be protected from Cicada. Rene leaves, telling Sherloque that she doesn’t want the cure, even if it means she’s in danger. Sherloque sends Rene to his earth, where she can live with her powers without fear of Cicada. Rene asks him to come with her, but Sherloque says he can’t go until his work with the team is done on this earth.

Joe delivers a heartfelt speech that calms the madness at the station, just as Cicada enters. Cicada draws power from the metahumans, supercharging her dagger. The team arrives and fights Cicada while Cisco diffuses the device. Barry and Cisco are about to shoot the dagger with the mirror gun in order to render the dagger inert when Ralph figures out Thawne’s plan. The dagger is inside of Thawne’s vest in the future, keeping him from using the negative speed force and escaping from prison. Thawne’s plan all along was to have Nora help Team Flash destroy the dagger in the present so it has no effect on him in the future, allowing him to escape. Ralph yells for Barry not to shoot the dagger as Barry fires the mirror gun.

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