Watch the Cannes Sales Trailer for the Deadly Virus Thriller ‘Retreat’

Jamie Bell in Retreat
Photo: Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions just picked up North American rights to Retreat, a thriller starring Cillian Murphy, Thandie Newton and Jamie Bell. SC Films will still be looking for international buyers though and the film is set for a market screening in Cannes on Thursday and considering my schedule is open at that time I may have to try and wedge my way into a seat should they allow me. Maybe if Magnet’s Gary Sinyor and Simon Crowe of SC Films are reading they can drop me a line…

Anyway, the film marks the directorial debute of Carl Tibbetts and finds Murphy and Newton heading to a remote island cottage to rebuild their frail marriage. When a wounded and armed stranger (Bell) shows up at their door with news about a deadly airborne virus, they must seal themselves inside the cottage, where the tension starts to escalate from psychological to physical.

Yes, the film sounds a little like Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, though this film sounds like it is operating on a much small scale than Soderbergh’s which takes place across four continents. I’m also not yet convinced this isn’t some kind of PTSD thriller, at least that’s what I get from the full synopsis which is included below the trailer with a look at the sales poster.

Have a look below and let me know if you’re intrigued.

Retreat poster

In a last-ditch attempt to save their faltering marriage, Martin and Kate (Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton) return to a beautiful, yet remote and unpopulated Scottish island that is home to Fairweather Cottage. A place where they once shared a romantic holiday.

Despite the warmth of autumnal log fires, Kate and Martin find their relationship is still cool and things only get worse when they lose contact with the mainland, and find themselves inexplicably stranded.

One morning a bloodied military man appears seemingly out of nowhere with terrifying news – a deadly airborne pandemic has broken out and is coming their way. Jack insists they seal themselves into the cottage to keep the fatal virus out.

Although unconvinced, Kate and Martin have little choice but to play along as Jack bit by bit seals the doors and windows. Even when he starts to board up the house, shutting them in entirely, Martin and Kate can’t agree on what to do.

With each nail that Jack hammers into the wooden doorframes, conflicts bubble to the surface, and Jack exploits the couple’s mistrust for his own ends.

But when Jack starts to turn abusive to Kate, she and Martin finally join forces to confront him.

In a series of tense twists the captive couple use all their ingenuity to try to escape from Jack, and from the retreat cottage that has become their prison.

And, just when it looks like they might gain the upper hand, a disturbing discovery turns everything upside down resulting in a violent and shocking conclusion.