38 New Clips & Trailers!


Get ready to spend an hour or so watching videos as RopeofSilicon has just added 38 new clips and trailers to the site and they aren’t just no name videos, these are videos you will want to watch. How about the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix teaser trailer, 12 new clips from Blood Diamond and another 12 from the fantastic romantic comedy The Holiday? There aren’t any other sites out there that do it like we do and you don’t have to pay a dime to take part in the fun. Just take your pick from where you want to start below and enjoy.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Teaser Trailer

Evan Almighty – Trailer

Alpha Dog – Trailer

The Hitcher – Trailer

Breach – Trailer

Bee Movie – Trailer

The Nativity Story – Trailer



Make It Quick
You’ve Taken Everything!
What’s T.I.A.?
What If I Wanted To Talk About Blood Diamonds?
Our Deal Went Bad and Now You Owe Me Money
The World Wants What We Have
How Can I Trust You?
I’m Using Him And You’re Using Me
It Won’t Make It Stop
Are You Going To Steal His Diamond?
You Will Dig Up What You Came Back For
Tell Him Where It Is


House Swapping
Meet Miles
Oh, Brother
Try that Again
Is that a trick question?
Morning After
The Leading Lady
Because You Asked
The Lingering Kiss
Iris’ theme song
Sushi for two


Why is It Me?
Mary is Back
I’ve Broken No Vow
I Believe You
Are You Afraid?

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