William Friedkin’s ‘End of Watch’ Love and an Oscar Prediction Clean Up


Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch
Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch

Photo: Open Road Films

A small oversight needed cleaning up after I posted my Best Actor and Supporting Actor predictions End of Watch and forgot to add a couple of names before sorting and publishing the list for its debut. But hey, that’s why I developed the back end to shuffle the deck when necessary.

So, while it has been less than a day since the list was created we already have our first update.

Jake Gyllenhaal gives an excellent performance in End of Watch as of one-half of a pair of Los Angeles police officers, and both he and Michael Pena deserve some attention. While I don’t really think either will earn an Oscar nomination, it feels wrong not to include them on a list where I think they actually rank higher than some of the names currently listed.

That said, you can find my updated Best Actor predictions here, and Best Supporting Actor predictions here, but before you go, I have a special treat for any of you that have yet to decide whether you’re going to go see the movie or not.

While I wasn’t quite as effusive regarding End of Watch, director William Friedkin (The French Connection) caught the film last night and tweeted his reaction saying, “End of Watch is a great film…may be the best cop film ever.” He continued, adding, “Not kidding. I don’t know these guys…just in awe of what They’ve captured about cops’ lives.”

Now if I was the marketing team at Open Road, I would be on this right now, cutting new TV spots and using this to my advantage. Either way, I hope this will get a few of you out to see it, but I will warn against too high of expectations, Friedkin may be raising the bar a little high. You can read my full review here.

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